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Lanfear Lanfear is offline
wonderful & strange
Default Where did it go?!?! D:   #1  

I got off of work about an hour ago and decided to stop at Hardees on the way home. I don't feel like cooking.

When I arrived, I drug myself up the tall, narrow staircase to my room in the attic.
It's a fairly nice room save for some chipping paint on the ceiling. When we first moved in it made me endlessly paranoid about spiders and such.. but in time that subsided.

I switched out of my uniform and sat down on the floor next to my bed to eat and check my Facebook- nothing unusual.
Then I noticed movement in my peripheral vision.

Slowly descending from my ceiling was a harbinger of doom and weaver of fears. A big brown spider.
Curly fries in hand, I watched as it made it's slow descent to my nightstand, and from that to my bed.

I panicked and grabbed for the closest thing to me that I could handle getting spider entrails on; a flimsy cardboard spool of ribbon and whacked it.

Afterwards I deemed it necessary to find the remains to confirm the kill and give myself a piece of mind.
What I found was NOTHING!
I moved my bed, shown an LED flashlight across my carpet: still nothing.

I wonder if it managed to crawl away..
Maybe it will bring back reinforcements..

Things to discuss: Bugs, insects, arachnids, whatever.
Love them? Hate them? Opinions? Irrational fears?

"And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those who couldn't hear the music."
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Default   #2   Epic Rave Monster Epic Rave Monster is offline
Barrel of Monkeys
I don't like spiders, either. The big ones are pretty cool. (The Wolf spider and such.) It's the small ones that bother me the most. They're not easy to spot. Makes me paranoid and jumpy. Especially when you got a lot of baby ones coming down from the ceiling!
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Demonskid Demonskid is offline
Pocket Demon Ninja
Default   #3  
I catch spiders and keep them as pets oxo, unless they're really poisonous.. then i have to kill them

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Default   #4   Fauxreal Fauxreal is offline
Mother Ship
I am allergic to spiders! Kill them all with fire!!!

That is all.
I've been in the hospital for a month!
Pneumonia. Complications and chest tubes.
Trading Hot Jackie

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Rico Rico is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
Default   #5  
I don't mind bugs, unless they fly. If I see a flying, I start to panick and get the hell away from me or I WILL END YOU. I will literaly nuke you with my fist (don't even ask me how that works).

Actualy, I kind of even like spiders. I don't like them on me, but I like watching them go. I don't know why.

That reminds me of that time I exploded a fly swatter by killing a spider, it was hilarious. I don't think a mollecule (or atom, or whatever it is I'm speaking of) of that spider was left after that O.O And it's true, because I never found the body of that spider <.<

Also, you'll thank me later for that. Warning : OH GOD level of nightmare fuel.
I don't even
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Default   #6   Adrian Cuyler Adrian Cuyler is offline
I have a really massive fear of all "Creepy crawlies", so if I were you, I'd obliterate the little guy. o 3o
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Gaius Gaius is offline
L.E.D Sheep
Default   #7  
Aww, I love spiders! I wouldn't be especially keen on sleeping with one though. The poor thing probably skittered away for dear life. Just leave him alone; I'm sure he won't bother you. ^^

@Rico: Oh god, that would be terrifying. Even I would be afraid to go near that mess. o___o
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Default   #8   Rico Rico is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
Yeah... apparently it happens in a certain cycle of time, but hell if I know or want to <.< Nature is flippin' weird and scary.
I don't even
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Kit Katy Kit Katy is offline
Ho! Miscreant!
Default   #9  
I don't mind spiders as long as they don't get on me or decide to nest in my house. Having a single spider crawl around on the floor; unnerving but tollerable. Having a spider crawl on my leg? Hell no!

~ You can dance if you want too,
You can leave your friends behind.
Because if they don't dance,
Then they're no friends of mine ~
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Default   #10   Lanfear Lanfear is offline
wonderful & strange

That reminds me of a story.

One night (more like three in the morning), I was laying on the floor in front of my television playing Devil May Cry when I felt something on my calf.
I didn't think much of it because I was too engrossed in the game and dismissed it as a breeze on a bit of hair I might have missed shaving. (Ladies know what I mean.)
A few moments later I felt the same thing on my thigh.
I reached back, rubbed the itch- no worries- went back to my game.
After awhile I felt something on my neck.
I had short spiky hair at the time, and there was nothing near my neck.
The realization dawned on me that this wasn't a normal itch, and that whatever was on me was alive.
Fear Mode Activate!
So I swatted around furiously, probably flopping around my floor like a fish on land- when I see a brown spider crawling away beneath my entertainment center for it's relatively short life.

I never sat on the floor after that as long as I lived in that apartment.

They are neat from afar, but if it gets too close it is on.
Creepy little things.
"And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by those who couldn't hear the music."
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annoying, arachnids, creepy, insects, spiders

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