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If you're not interested in that please let me know right away so I can offer with something else. I have all of the monthlies, besides Dragon Lord~

I think more runes than Au would be great, since both are hard for me to get right now, but runes are harder <3
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Default   #34   Anurah Loveheart Anurah Loveheart is offline
Peace <3
Can I please purchase 100 runes? if so how much would that cost?
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I wanted to make this new post and make it more attracting. Here I go! :] Tell me how many you are interested in buying and we will see from there. ^ ^ I really need runes, I didn't save any and now there are adorable panda items.

x45 Celestial Werewolves (Only 20 runes each)
x9 Xinnain (Only 20 runes each)
x13 Winter Royalty (Only 20 runes each)

x1 Dark Tech Horn (60 runes)
x1 Light Tech Horn (60 runes)

x25 Acellus's Jacket (40 runes each)
x26 Braen's Jacket (40 runes each)

Feel free to haggle, but not too much since this price are already low.

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Items I have that you might like:

Pandora's Box of Despair x1 (50 runes)

Event Items:
Falla's Bundle x3 (40 runes each)
Fausts Bundle x2 (40 runes each)
Armor of the Decayed x4 (10 runes each)
Guise of Souls x5 (10 runes each)
Nocturnalis Harvest x7 (20 runes each)
Fausts Memento x2 (20 runes each)
Falla's Wish x2 (20 runes each)

If you see any you like let me know : )
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Squishy Blob
im buying 20 runes for 2.5k interested? pls :)
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