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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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I've finally finished!!!!
<x'{ Uuff. I refused to accept payment until I delivered. >.>; It musta been annoying, so, sorry, but, it just felt right..(Edit: Oh! ^~^; heh, I accepted the trade first it looks like. >//>; now I feel silly..)
I have no idea what I've done. ^~^; But I hope you like it. Again, sorry it took so long. :[ I'll be honest, I slacked a bit with this one. Which in my head is an awful gesture from one writer to another. >.>; (Dude, can I call myself a writer if I haven't even published anything?? /8{ eh??? *shruggy shrug*)
I feel like I should stop rambling and just show tha damn art already, <x} hehe, so heeeere it is!

One art for Death by Mirrors. As requested. -u-
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Default   #146   Espy Espy is offline
Oh hey, that's pretty nice.
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Default   #148   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
That's awesome! I love it ^^

(and don't worry, things have been going somewhat slow everywhere... you're by far not the only slacker, hehe. Me? Haven't even started the crochet scarf I wanted to get finished by the end of May, and now that odd month's already halfway over)
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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^~^; I'm so glad you like it!
I know this month and the one before have just been brutal actually. <:{
And I am struggling to function at 100%. Something always just keeps happening, y'know? /:[ And lately I've been juggling responsibility with my health and as a result my interests and drive have been hopping around on and off. ;-; It sux.

But I managed to finish! ^~^ I s'pose could try looking at it as an accomplishment. Now I'm going to try and take care of myself. <:[ *looks at orange glow in robotic parts* Because ahh, it seems my health is pretty damn low right about now. *lays down* ;-; I hate bleeding and feeling like a dying swampy monster...
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art shop thing, i guess, merskelly metalien, trying this out, with frickin' lazer beams

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