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On in to the future
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Hey if shops can put up Xmas stuff in October they can put up Halloween stuff in August. >:V

Went to grab a coffee, came back with a bag of 67 Cubix Cubes instead.
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Default   #82   Voidbarker Voidbarker is online now
it's halloween. soon. very soon!

then comes the skeleton war for the fortieth time.
wilson is very touchstarved.
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mdom mdom is offline
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hehe I had a friend on FB saying that halloween season stars after easter xDDD
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Default   #84   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
I have also already started on seasonal crafting, but that's because I'm taking part in an advent calendar swap and the finished calender should be at the recipients house before December 1st so they can open it in time. It's kinda odd though to see our supermarkets already stock gingerbread and spiced speculoos cookies.
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is online now
Icy Footed
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Just to spite everyone who goes early for holiday rushes and gets excited for Christmas in frickin' NOVEMBER, I get really festive during the most inappropriate times, B} Like jingle shorts, snowmen, baking, santa hats, (omg almost spelled satan hats. X'D), all that yuletide goodness!
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Default   #86   Voidbarker Voidbarker is online now
reason why i can't wait for halloween is that my bro might be hosting a party this year. also i can't exactly trick or treat since i'm over the age of ten but i went when i was sixteen anyways. :3
wilson is very touchstarved.
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Witchchylde Witchchylde is offline
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I'll wear my 'Halloween' shirts any time of the year, mostly for the black cats.
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Default   #88   Voidbarker Voidbarker is online now
black cats are good cats.
shame that bubble went missing. probably being cared for by an old lady somewhere. he came back smelling of baby shampoo.
wilson is very touchstarved.
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