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Default What do you like to listen to/watch to fall aleep?   #1  
Personally, I can fall asleep to silence, or to most relaxing music, but most of my favorites include;

calming space fantasy ambiance,
a gentle choir,
relaxing ancient Japanese music,
the waterfall music from Undertale,
slow moody blues music,
quiet jazz,
forest/swamp ambience,
ocean waves,
and some calming movie soundtracks from either Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Maybe you're like me or my mom and can fall asleep listening to the TV? But for me it depends what's on the TV.
:c I can't fall asleep to a fun movie like The Road to El Dorado, or to an episode of Invader Zim.
But I typically (and oddly enough) tend to put on The Twilight Zone to help me relax. ^-^

Particularly the episodes;
The Changing of the Guard,
Night of the Meek,
A Stop at Willoughby,
A Passage for Trumpet,
The Silence,
Five Characters in Search of an Exit,
Nothing in the Dark.

Is there anything anybody else likes to listen to just help go to sleep? Or put on for background noise? Maybe like calming music, ambience or a favorite playlist? :]

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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I don't fall asleep easily with silence, so I typically will have a podcast on and set it to a sleep timer. But it needs to be one that doesn't require too much focus. I can't even explain the appeal of the main podcast I listen to because it basically is a radio show that has been around for many years and was one my parents would listen to. I keep trying to find better ones, but most of them seem to focus on history or true crime.
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relaxing stuff, sleep, sleep movie, sleep music, sleep tv

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