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45. V For Vendetta - Based on the movie. Best story ever.
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We're all mad here.
Originally Posted by Gogandantes View Post
45. V For Vendetta - Based on the movie. Best story ever.
Was there a book that followed the movie or do you mean the original book the movie was based on? Its' by Alan Moore, same guy who wrote Watchmen (also on this list) and From Hell.

46: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.

It's glorious. I adore it. Don't judge me!

Something of a deconstructed "chosen one" story, think of a YA, LGBTQ+ Harry Potter (skipping 6 books) with more slang and bad language. If you're familiar with Rowell's earlier book, Fangirl, Carry On and Wayward Son (the sequel) is now the canon story of Simon and Baz that Cath draws her fiction from.
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We're all mad here.
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Updated. And question: has anyone picked up or read any of the books suggested here? I see Saga around a lot but haven't committed yet. I do have Flowers for Algernon on my library "for later" list. I remembered my dad mentioning it when it came up here.
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47. Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier

This book bent the way I think of magic to fit a modern setting in both unique and classic methods.

It's a modern fantasy coming of age story, in my opinion, and a really well told one. Even if you don't read the whole trilogy, just reading Magic or Madness, for me, was a delightfully enlightening experience.
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An excellent list so far.
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~48. Who Goes There

It does contain the story where The Thing is based on. Plus it has other stores that can really draw people in.~
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