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My OG object head that I forgot existed.

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Default   #82   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
I kinda want to watch a TV show with all different types of object head characters now. Who else thinks this would be awesome?
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Only tangentially related, but back when I was trying to name CRT, a friend suggested, jokingly, RGB, who happens to be one of the two main characters in The Property of Hate. Damn good webcomic, still ongoing, w a lot of cool characters including object heads.
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Default   #84   bluebird bluebird is offline
More More More Magic
such 3D. i like the foreshortening of the legs & feet

oh fudge i remember reading that waaay back on smackjeeves but forgot about it after binge-reading and waiting for updates. RGB is such a fantastic character! 😭💖
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Damn good webcomic indeed, thank you for the link ^^
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Default   #86   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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<x} that's really kewl! Speaker head I can see in a high school with all normal kids and despite him having a speaker for a head, no one seems to really care or notice. <xD And he'd be in a rock band.
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I have *feels* about that webcomic. Especially pg 291-293. If you're reading and haven't gotten there -- don't skip ahead. Trust me. You need the build-up.

I *think* most, if not all, of my object heads are at least college-aged in human years. Or maturity, I guess, since CRT is over 200 years old.

Fun fact: I actually shoved all my object heads, sans Speaker, into a band line-up at one point. The list was unfinished bc I couldn't decide who'd be the drummer, though now that I have Speaker, that's probably him. Or them. Not sure on pronouns yet.

EDIT: I do like how I managed to do foreshortening and slight 3D without exaggerating a *lot*, like I do sometimes. I did mess up on his right foot, though. And his left hand's in an odd position, too relaxed.
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