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isn't that funny
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oh. i see.
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8. Also got a dramatic fantasy-ish story I'm workin' on about one of my latest OCs. 8{ Things are gettin' pretty suspenseful and maybe tragic thooo...oof. <x{ I don't know how to end it yeeeet!
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I don't know how one big group doodle would be faster/easier than several small individual pictures, but if that's what brings you back on track - go for it! ^^
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It's not easier. ;_; I only managed to get Bat done today...and my hand might be clinically broken..
<x] But the group pic looks nice so far.
I'll post them as I finish each one, so progress is shown. :] Bat's done, so I guess I'm gonna break my rules and do my OCs somewhat out of order. :/ Also officially given up on Inktober.. ;~; I only lasted 8 days this time everyone! My right hand can't make it much further it seems...
It's okay to take a break, so I'm going to take a break. Man, typing with my left hand feels weird. e_e; I'm sorry I couldn't stick to the days. <:/ I at least will post my OCs as I doodle them, so I'll finish my prompt, but as of this moment, /x~x\; I'm dead tired. (no pun intended...or all of the pun intended!)
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Inktober Whatever-th

[Yes he's the one on the left, colored in and stuff...yes, that's his name. xD]

A bit of a background: Bat is a citizen of the future Central Americas, in the year 3088 on planet earth. Most of civilization now lives in the Central Americas and Australia, or any land below the equator, due to the earth's changed tilt, it's too cold for life to live in comfortably or prosperously in most countries above the equator now. In Bat's future, a mysterious plague has threatened the remaining populous of humanity. The disease starves human beings of any means of nutrition, slowly constricts all organ function and ultimately kills who it infects within a span of hours. Though the earth is less cramped and has returned to it's wild and primitive natures, humanity is nearing extinction, as the disease is spreading, doesn't seem to have a weakness, and only being carried and spread by animals and humans, but affects humans. A brilliant doctor by the name of Juarez was close to discovering a cure, but all his material was seized by an unknown government organization and he was threatened with prison should he speak of them. He knew he had to do something, so he called in his lab's former programmer and medical assistant, Bat. He gave him a special pocket watch, that would transport him into the past and back to the future, and tasked him with finding a means to cure humanity so that it might not go extinct. Bat is usually "whatever" about anything, but time travel, in the year 3088, is a big no-no, and if caught with time-travelling tech, the consequence is execution, and erasure of your existence and the existence of your ancestors from the record of history. When Bat finds Doctor Juarez desperate and mortally wounded, he agrees to help, and takes the watch, even though he might never return to the future he knows and calls home ever again.

So what's his deal?: Bat is male, but he likes to remain ambiguous in xis gender identity, sometimes preferring "xim" "he" and "xis" as pronouns. He hides most of xis face, to keep from being recognized, although, without the shades, hat and pacifier, he's actually rather angelic looking. Occasionally, he'll show his eyes, which are red, which of course isn't natural, but in the future, you can get all sorts of cosmetic surgeries. Bat's signature identifiers are his pacifier and his headphones and hat, with tall pointed speakers atop his head, which double as a sound enhancer, like a hearing aid, but it distinguishes a collective noise and can focus on one audio source. Bat tries to blend in with the people of the past that he visits, but if he doesn't need to, he just shrugs off the effort, chalking his appearance up to, "I'm a model." or "Haven't you seen freaks like me before?" As for xis pacifier, he's just comfortable having it, and is never without it. Partly to stop him from saying anything that might jeopardize the future, and partly because he doesn't like to talk all the time. As a result, nobody knows much about xim at all, except for ximself.

He is good at sneaking about, mostly due to the fact that he's lightweight and has had a rough past where he needed to learn to sneak around. He is excellent at memory recall, as he had to memorize a lot most of his life. And sleeping often is now a luxury he can afford, because he time travels a lot. He was an ex-programmer as well as an assistant to Dr. Juarez, but was kicked out because he is a bit nosy and hardly did as he was told, preferring to do things xis own way.
He has a tendency to overthink things, and suffers from minor acute anxiety. He absolutely loves electronic music, enjoys video games and music mixing, and likes the company of one person at a time.

Bat, being from the future and a time traveler and all, is aware he can pass through several universe timelines, and as a result, has many versions of himself, most of them with a similar mission.
Some Bats are older, or younger, or female and come from many sorts of futures that turned out very different from one another.
He has met a few versions of himself, which would normally be mind-blowing, but at this point, nothing surprises xim much anymore.
He nicknames the selves he meets, like,
"Cool Bat” - A version of ximself that is older and more skilled.
“Vampire Bat” - A version of ximself where he is a vampire and humanity has changed into a vampiric society.
“Little Sister” - A version of ximself where he is a cute girl, with a candy addiction.
“Edgy Bat” - A version of ximself that is dark, hopeless and light-deprived.
“Robo-Bat” - A version of ximself from a future of cyborg humanity, with many robotic parts and synthetic organs.
“Blind Bat” - The only version of ximself that is working against his goal, and killing other versions of ximself to stop xim from saving the future...also he's blind.

Bat’s interests and personality remains relatively the same throughout the many variations of ximself, but can have some notable alterations...one being that he likes to chew bubblegum rather than suck on a pacifier.
Another change might be that he is homosexual rather than bisexual. Yet another change can be to his ears on his hat, for in other times and universes, they are as a part of his headphones, or xis actual ears! This is one way to tell the real Bat however from the many different Bats working in tandem with one another across the timelines. The “Real” Bat has his ears on his headphones.
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Default   #54   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Rest well, Merskelly. I hope your hand already feels better when you return. (What happened to it, by the way? You should probably go see a doctor...)
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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It's just bad soreness from drawing for 6+ hours. ;u; It'll go away on it's own. It's feeling better today, but I don't want to make it any sore-er.
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Default   #56   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Yeah, better rest your hand before it gets any worse. Glad to hear it's not actually broken though. While I never had a cast on my arm before, I imagine it might really suck when you only got your weaker hand to use for months.
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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:] It's not actually broken no. <x} If it were, I likely wouldn't be online...likely. >->; B'cause ma brain say avi site > hand pain. x}
<.<; This is probably the busiest October I've ever been a part of, holy hell.
I haven't even had the chance to get back to doodling and writing due to all the life stuff goin' on. ;_;
Won't really doodle again until my right hand and arm are not sore anymore. :/

But I'm kinda curious, :]
which one in the group above anyone wants to see colored in and finished up when I do get back to the art-ing?
~From left to right it's Bat, Sophia, Dr. Victor, Squat and Elizabeth, Dr. West, and Dr. Locke. :)
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Default   #58   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Who knows? I have been online myself at the one time I had wrist pain. Just typing slowly and with the left hand instead. Annoying, but possible. In fact the mouse was much harder to operate than the keyboard.

Me! Me! I wanna see them colored! XD
(but rest your hand first; I don't want to cause you pain)
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