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Nano Nano is offline
Default Im back!   #1  
Hi everyone! I am not new to this site but haven't been on in gosh knows how long QAQ! I hope everyone is doing well!
''He who does not percieve his calling, does not know true happiness''

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Default   #2   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Welcome back to Trisphee then! ^^
You returned right in time to grab a birdday box or two.
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littl3chocobo littl3chocobo is offline
isn't that funny
Default   #3  
welcome back
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Default   #4   Alexis Rider Alexis Rider is offline
Time Lord
Welcome back.
I've just come back to Trisphee.
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Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
Default   #5  
oh hello there, mortal.

welcome back to infinite layers.
trans rights!
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Default   #6   Espy Espy is offline
Hey. Been a while.
Old Posted 09-29-2019, 01:59 PM Reply With Quote  
bluebird bluebird is offline
Default   #7  
welcome back to trisphee!
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Default   #8   mdom mdom is offline
Welcome back, Nano!
We hope you are doing well, too ^^
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Glitch Glitch is offline
Default   #9  
hey there welcome back! <3

When ere the branch shaped like a snake is pointing up for goodness sake, run away! Go and hide. The boogeyman will be inside.
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Default   #10   Fontaine Fontaine is offline
Thank you all for the wonderful welcome backs! I apologize however Nano is my Mule, due to some personal issues I forgot this account which is my main ^^;; thank you all for the welcome backs though!
I adore avatar sites.

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KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
More More More Magic
Default   #11  
Welcome back! ^^

She murdered your classmates with 8 Monokuma tea lights, and caused The Tragedy. Oh my!
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Default   #12   Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Welcome back stranger.
Your forum title is probably very fitting at the moment. kek.
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Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
Default   #13  
hello again!
trans rights!
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Default   #14   Panda Panda is online now
Heavenly Angel
Welcome back!
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