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Default I wrote such a stupid fanfiction, it'll make you squint...   #1  
I was issued a challenge, long ago.
(About 6 years ago...)
I had pleased my friends in high school with personal role plays and fanfics including our fantasy scenarios and original characters. I was the best writer in our little nerdy/weeb group. So much was I praised, that my friends claimed I was too good a writer to ever pull off anything awful or stupid.
I challenged their belief years after losing contact with them all. I issued a very unnecessary challenge to myself. I can't say how, or why, I came up with this fanfiction. But I will mention, I tried to make it as crazy and dumb as I could...though, perhaps I could have tried much harder...
As it is. It's the only fanfiction I have written to date, that stands as undeniable proof, that I can indeed write without the use of my brain. (Not really.)

So, uh, here it is I guess. <x}
I hope it's more entertaining than painful.
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Default The Most idiotic Naruto Crossover Fanfiction story ever   #2   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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Naruto and his new friends help save Sodor

One day in Konoha village, Naruto Usumaki decided to take a stroll through the markets in search for some snacks. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a young boy ran up to him. It was Konohamaru! “Oh! Hi Konohamaru! What’s up?” said Naruto. “I heard someone shout that there was a strong ninja just outside the village and ran to tell you!” said Konohamaru. “They said he’s super mean and that he won’t go away until he finds someone worthy to fight him. If no one shows up soon, he might do something nasty!” “Hahahaha! Oh Konohamaru, there’s no way that guy is serious!” Naruto replied grinning. “I mean it idiot!” cried Konohamaru. “Fine fine, I’ll check him out for you. If he’s as strong as you say, then he’ll be in the surprise of his life when he battles me, believe it!” Naruto gleefully shouted and ran immediately towards the village gate. As he rushed out, he leapt up a tall tree to spot this strong ninja. “Ah-ha!” he shouted and leapt towards a cloaked stranger farther ahead. “Hey! Are you challenging the might of the hidden leaf?” he shouted at the stranger. The stranger replied in an old man’s voice, unfamiliar to the region. “Are you Naruto Usumaki of the hidden leaf?” “You bet I am grandpa!” smirked Naruto. “You’d better recognize my name because someday I’m going to be hokage!” “Oh?” the old cloaked stranger replied. “What’s a hokage?” With that response Naruto fell over with a dumbfounded yelp and a shocked look on his face, before getting up again and jabbing his finger in the stranger’s direction. “Whaddia mean?! You don’t know what a hokage is?!” he shouted. “Just who are you gramps??” The stranger then smirked and folded his arms with a chuckle. “If you want to find out, why don’t you do battle with me?” Naruto remembered what Konohamaru had said and readied a kunai. Maybe this old man was tougher than he looks, like pervy sage. He didn’t want to hurt an old geezer, but if he didn’t fight the stranger he would never find out who he is. And so the young leaf ninja smirked and readied himself for anything. “You got it old man!” As Naruto charged towards the stranger, the old stranger suddenly disappeared before his very eyes! “What?!” Naruto quickly looked all around but could not find the old stranger. Suddenly he felt a tap on his head and the stranger was behind him. Naruto jumped forward in surprise and threw some shuriken at the hooded stranger, before backflipping away. To his shock, the stranger simply pulled out a short stick from his cloak and pointed it at the flying shuriken, turning them into dragonflies which scattered and darted away into the trees. “What the-?” Naruto choked out and decided to go with a different approach. He placed his fingers together in a signed jutsu and summoned four shadow clones. “Well!” The stranger chuckled. “It looks like you have some skills of your own.” Naruto and his clones rushed towards him to attack. Two of them leapt up to surround and block the stranger on either side, readying a double punch. But the old stranger waved his stick in his hand and sent both clones flying. Another clone went for his legs. “Gotcha!” But the stranger suddenly sank into the solid ground, disappearing again. The two remaining clones punched and dug the ground up, but he was gone. “Come out old man! No more tricks!” Naruto shouted at the ground. Suddenly the stranger appeared again but this time materializing from the particles of dirt and earth the two clones had dug up. Naruto and his clones turned to face the strange old man once again. But before they could do anything the old man suddenly waved his stick and magically bound the clones in ropes, tying them up. They both poofed away, leaving the ropes on the ground and Naruto standing between them. Before he could retaliate, he suddenly felt himself flying! The old stranger’s stick was pointed at him as well as his old hand, as if to carefully hold him in the air. “Woaah!” Naruto wobbled and tumbled slowly, flailing his arms and legs. “Yaaaa! Put me down! Put me down you old geezer!” he shouted. “You still have much to learn, but you will do.” The stranger replied as suddenly he flicked the stick in his hand. And with a shout Naruto was suddenly forced towards the cloaked old man where at a brief touch from his hand on his forehead, he was quickly transported away in a magical twisted dimension! When he was freed, he could feel the touch on his forehead go away and he was suddenly cast down onto some dry dirt. He landed on his back with an “oomf!” feeling a little dizzy and very confused. Was he in the hidden sand village? He slowly got up with a groan, rubbing his head and back. He had a few scrapes on his elbows from being cast onto the hard ground. “oww...tch! The nerve of that old fart…hey, where is he now?” Naruto said to himself, looking around. He didn’t see any trace of the stranger. He didn’t see any trace of anyone in sight. All he could see was dried up soil as far as the eye could see in each direction, and an old paved road leading somewhere. Naruto got up, brushing himself off and looked down the road in both directions. What a weird strip of road in the middle of nowhere. But that was precisely where he was; the middle of nowhere.

Chapter 2: Naruto meets Courage
Naruto decided to start down the road in the direction the sun was setting, hoping to find a village or somebody; anybody really! He walked alongside the dry dirty road, slouched over and sweating. “The old guy couldn’t have left me in a place with water?” he complained, wiping the sweat from under his forehead protector. “What I wouldn’t give for some ramen too.” He sighed with his stomach growling. Suddenly he turned to hear some rattling in the distance behind him. “Huh?” To his surprise, an old teal truck was driving right towards him! “Hey! Over here!” Naruto waved at the truck from the roadside, delighted. From his distance he could see it coming closer, and inside he saw an old man with glasses and a dirty brown hat in green overalls, driving. To his shock the old man, who had a grumpy look on his face, drove right past him! “Wha-! Hey!” Naruto angrily shouted at the truck in disbelief. “Don’t ignore me! I’m dying here!” He balled a fist and shouted. He then ran after the truck, panting as he struggled to keep up with it. What a jerk he thought. But maybe if he followed the truck it would lead him to shelter, especially since he know that dry deserts got very cold in the evening. As he tailed the truck, he noticed something small and pink in the back of it. A pink goofy looking dog poked its head up from the back and screamed at Naruto. Naruto screamed back, running a little slower. He then saw that the dog darted into the front of the truck where the driver sat, babbling incoherently. Then he heard the grumpy old man shout at the dog. “Grrr, for the last time get in the back of the durn truck an’ stay there!” The poor dog was suddenly tossed back by the old man, muttering “Stupid good fer nothin’ dog.” Naruto kept up to speed with the truck as it drove and watched as the dog sat down, whining and looking at Naruto with fear. Putting on his most friendly face he called to the dog. “Hey little guy, I’m not going to hurt you.” “Huh?” the goofy dog blinked at him. “Sorry I scared you. Uh, I’m getting a little tired of running here, got any room for an extra person?” Naruto smiled. The pink dog looked around the empty space in the back of the truck and nodded. Naruto then leapt up and into the back with the dog and sat down, panting a little, but loving the breeze of the truck’s speed. “Ahhh, thanks.” The little dog stared up at Naruto curiously. “I didn’t think I’d meet anyone in this deserted place.” Naruto said rubbing the back of his head. “I’m sure glad you guys came along down the road. Though that old geezer driving is a real jerk.” “Mm-hm!” the little dog nodded. “Do you know how to get back to the hidden leaf village from here?” Naruto asked. “Whuh?” the dog said with a goofy expression of confusion. “Hmm, I guess not. You can’t talk very well can you?” Naruto said. The little dog just shrugged and replied, “Eh, a dog can try.” “Well, you’re kinda funny looking, but you’re a good dog.” Smiled Naruto as he patted the little dog’s head. The dog smiled back and sat next to Naruto as the truck drove them away down the long road.
Naruto fell asleep from the long ride with the dog likewise asleep and curled up in his lap. When he awoke, it was night time and getting cold. He stretched and yawned sleepily, rubbing his arms a little as he looked around. The little dog also woke up, rolling off and hopping out of the truck. Naruto saw to his left a small farmhouse with a little porch and a windmill on its opposite side. He saw the little dog scurry to the house happily, following him. “Hey wait. Is this your home?” Naruto asked. As he looked back at the truck, he noticed the grumpy old man was gone. He watched as the dog stepped inside the little house, and heard a little old lady’s voice from inside. “Oh! Courage! There ya are. You’re just in time to try on your new sweater.” As Naruto moved closer to the screen door he saw a little old lady with fluffy white hair, glasses and a yellow apron on. She sat on a rocking chair, carefully fitting a little green sweater over the little dog. The dog muffled something up to her, the small sweater covering his mouth. “Oh, it’s a wee bit tight.” She said, slipping the sweater off and fixing it a little. Naruto thought this would be a good time to knock on the door. “Ooh. I wonder who that could be?” The little goofy dog turned his head and walked over to the door, opening it with a smile. “Hi granny. My name is Naruto Usumaki. I followed a truck hoping to find someplace to stay so I can find my way back home. I hope you don’t mind, your dog let me come along with him.” Naruto said with an embarrassed smile on his face. In the chair closest to him, Naruto failed to notice the grumpy old man sitting in it and reading a newspaper. “What’s huh?” he muttered looking up. “Nrr, I ain’t lettin’ some roadside hippie sleep here! Beat it ya bum!” “Eustace! That’s no way to talk to a guest!” the little old lady scolded. “Of course, you’re welcome to stay a while and rest yar’ feet if you’d like.” She kindly replied to Naruto. “My name’s Muriel. That there is my husband Eustace, and this is Courage.” She said picking up the little pink dog and holding him. “You must be a long way from home for you to be so dirty and full of dirt.” Muriel placed Courage back onto the floor and smiled kindly. “Why don’t you go with courage to take a bath and settle in the guest room? While I wash your clothes and fix ya all up some dinner?” Courage smiled and happily led Naruto upstairs. “Durn hippie kid pokin’ his nose in my house.” Eustace muttered grouchily before getting smacked on his head with a frying pan, held by Muriel. He exclaimed and rubbed his head looking up at her, “Oww! What did I do?”
Later on that night, Naruto was sleeping in the guest bedroom soundly. Not a strange sound or dark presence was heard or felt in the cool evening. Suddenly, he was woken up by Courage who had burst in the room babbling in a panic and hopping up and down. “Heyyy,” Naruto yawned. “What’s wrong Courage?” Courage yelped gibberish and worriedly hopped up and down faster, running off and coming back with two shiny pieces of foil, flapping them around and breathing fire from his mouth. “Huh? Courage you’re not making any sense.” Naruto said shaking his head and crossing his arms. “Is there something flying around?” “Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!” Courage nodded worriedly. Naruto got up and got dressed quickly, following courage outside. Courage let out a sad groan. “There’s nothing scary here boy.” Naruto said looking out at an empty night void of anything around. He bent down and patted the pink dog’s head. “It was probably just a moth or something.” Suddenly clank and a big foot stomp rumbled the ground. Naruto and Courage spun around to see a huge dragon behind the house, made entirely of metal and screws, with glowing red eyes. Courage jumped up and let out a terrified scream, his eyes bulging out and his fur standing on end. “Wha! What is that thing?!” Naruto shouted and pointed up at the robotic dragon. The dragon then reared its metal neck and dove its head into the roof, coming back out with Muriel screaming in its jaws. “Hey! Put the old lady down!” Naruto shouted and ran after the dragon as it stomped away. “Muriel!” Courage screamed as he ran after Naruto and the dragon. The dragon hissed and let steam out from its metal ears before its rocket wings carried it off, high into the sky. “Couraaaage!” Muriel screamed as the dragon carried her higher and higher. “Come on boy!” Naruto shouted and grabbed Courage in his arms, jumping high after the dragon and managing to land on its tail. “Yeeeee!” Courage whimpered as he clung onto Naruto desperately. Naruto managed to jump up and onto the back of the metal dragon, and set courage down. “Shadow clone jutsu!” Naruto summoned two shadow clones immediately. “Don’t worry Muriel, I’ll save you!” Courage called down to Muriel in the dragon’s clutches. “Let’s take this metal monster down!” Naruto shouted to Courage. Courage nodded back and crawled up the dragon’s neck and onto its snout. Naruto looked around for a weak area on the metal beast’s hide, locating a blinking light under a thick scale panel. Courage took out a big pendulum watch and began to hypnotize the big robot dragon. Naruto summoned three more clones and they helped him make chakra energy spin in his palm. One other clone quickly jumped down to the dragon’s claws as they began to loosen on Muriel. The dragon, fully hypnotized let go of Muriel and stopped flapping its wings, sending them all into a downward free fall. “Aaaaah!” Muriel screamed before Naruto caught her in his arms. “I’ve got you granny!” Naruto’s clone smiled and carried her safely down to the ground and safely back to the farmhouse. Courage put away his pocket watch and clung to the dragon’s horns, screaming as they all fell. Naruto’s clones disappeared and he swung down his palm onto the weak scale of the metal dragon, crying out, “Rasengan!” The power in his palm crashed into the metal and sent the dragon crashing down into the ground. “What?!” Suddenly Naruto and Courage were sucked into a glowing white light where Naruto had punched the robotic dragon and disappeared, along with the broken dragon. “Aaaaah!” they both screamed as they vanished into another dimension.

Chapter 3: The Dragon Realm
The Hidden Leaf Ninja and the Cowardly Dog both woke up in a grassy field with sheep and butterflies and flowers around them. “What? Where the heck are we?” Naruto said sitting up and looking around. “Ooouuuhhh..” Courage moaned and sat up, dizzy from the interdimensional trip. “Woah! Look!” Naruto pointed as a small purple dragon glided above them. “It’s a-! It’s a…very little dragon…” The little purple dragon with yellow horns and a pointed rattle-like tail glided down and landed next to him with a small glowing blue dragonfly next to him. “You’re not the biggest gnork I’ve ever seen either.” The dragon shot back. “Woah! You talk!” Naruto squealed. “Are you a summoning animal?!” He said excitedly looking down at him. “Huh? No, I’m Spyro. And this here is Sparx.” Spyro said, introducing himself and his dragonfly buddy. “And what kind of dorky-looking monster are you supposed to be?” “Monster?! My name is Usumaki Naruto!” Naruto said proudly grinning and standing up. “And I’m no monster! I’m a Ninja! And someday I’m gonna be Hokage, believe it!!” “Huh. I’ve never heard of one of those.” Spyro replied. “Is that like a captain or something?” “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Courage suddenly shouted, looking at Spyro and ran behind Naruto, tugging on his pants and babbling, pointing at Spyro. “Oh, heh! And this is Courage. He’s a dog, I think.” Naruto said, picking up Courage and patting his head. “It’s okay boy. This dragon doesn’t look so scary.” “Not scary?!” Spyro said tilting his head. “Well,” Sparx started, “Spyro might be a little small, but he’s just as mighty as any dragon around here.” “Around here? Ah! You mean there’s more of you here?” Naruto grinned thrilled. “Yeeeeee..” Courage winced nervously. “Don’t worry.” Spyro said walking away a little. “Everyone here is friendly for the most part. As long as you aren’t here to plant dark crystal gems or steal or trash the place, I won’t burn you to a crisp.” “Well, first off, where are we?” Naruto asked. “Where else? You’re in the Dragon realm.” Spyro said walking back. “What’s really weird is you don’t really look like you belong here.” “We don’t.” Naruto said. “I’m trying to get back to Konoha. And Courage needs to get back to his home. He lives on a farm.” “Hmmm. I don’t got any idea where Konoha is. Not many farms here in the Dragon realm either. How’d you guys get here?” Courage stepped forward a bit and babbled nonsense, reenacting the battle with the big metal dragon that abducted Muriel and how they defeated it, but the glowing white light surrounded them and then they woke up confused. “Uhhhhh…so you got into a fight with a dragon?” “Yeah! A big scary metal one!” Naruto said. “Well,” Spyro said. “I’ve been told old stories that when a dragon is slayed, sometimes a portal will open to another world. It’s kinda cool to know that happens but it’s super uncool around here to slay a dragon.” “But the dragon was evil!” added Naruto. “Well, that can’t be helped I guess. Maybe the Professor can help figure out a way to get you guys back to where you belong!” Spyro said. “The Professor?” Naruto blinked. “Yeah! He tinkers with all kinds of science-y device things. He’s sent me to lots of dimensional places. If anyone can help you he can. C’mon, follow me!” Spyro said walking off to a hill with sheep towards a windmill and past it, a big laboratory. “Okay.” Naruto said and walked with him, Courage following along too. “Can’t you fly us there?” Naruto asked? “Nah. I’m not exactly an adult yet you know. I can’t really fly yet. I just sorta glide all the time.”
Finally they all got to the Professor’s lab. “Hey Professor! Are you home? Hello?” Spyro called as his voice echoes through the lab. “Pikaccccyyyyyuuuuuuuu!!” they heard suddenly as a yellow projectile suddenly flew past them in an electric surge! It crashed through the lab window and landed outside. Naruto flinched and looked at the broken window in surprise. “What the heck was that?!” “Oh! Excuse the rude greeting!” came a nerdy voice from above on a microphone. “Is that you Spyro?” Spyro and Sparx went up to a chalkboard in the corner and sat down. “It’s nice to hear you Professor.” Spyro said. “Why don’tcha come down and say ‘Hi’?” “Oh, alas Spyro,” the professor spoke. “I’m afraid I’m not here in person to give you a proper greeting.” “Where are you?” Spyro asked. “Ah! Well, you see, I’m in another world observing the life here. Although unfortunately I don’t seem to be encountering anyone sociably. I thought I would take a small animal from that world and send it back to the lab for examining but, it didn’t seem to want to cooperate and it zaps it’s way around…”
Spyro walked around Naruto and Courage, with Sparx following him. “Well, a couple of new friends of mine come from another world too. They’re far from wherever they come from, and we came here to see if you could help Professor.” “Why certainly Spyro. The interdimensional matter transporter is nearly finished just behind the lab. Although I’ll need to power it.” The Professor’s voice said. “Lemme guess.” Sighed Spyro. “You need gems.” “Well, heheh,” chuckled the Professor. “I suppose three gems should do the trick, yes. If you have the time that is, just bring the gems to the transporter and the green lights should blink. Then! Your friends should step into the center and be whisked away to their respective home!”
So they all went off around the realm of dragons to collect the gems needed for their ticket home. Naruto expertly swiped a gem from the dangerous swamps while Spyro traveled over to the forbidden beaches, returning with another gem. Courage nervously wandered into the dragon village and came across a gem in a dragon nursery nestled with a bright pink and yellow egg. He quickly took the gem and rushed back to meet Naruto and Spyro. They took the gems to the Professor, who was now in the lab and he put them into the machine.
The machine started to whirr and glow with power, beginning to power up. “Ah! Spectacular work everyone! The interdimensional matter transporter is working to its fullest potential!” The Professor exclaimed. “There’s got to be a better name for that thing.” Spyro sighed. The Professor tapped some buttons and a lever, preparing the machine. “Now Spyro, why don’t you go with your new friends into the center and show them how it’s done?” the Professor said. “and then when they are safely on the other side, I’ll go ahead and open the interdimensional portal for you to return to the dragon realm.” “Sounds good to me.” Spyro agreed and calmly walked into the center platform of the machine. Courage gulped with fear and hopped alongside him on the platform. “You sure this machine send us home gramps?” Naruto said as he joined Courage and Spyro. “Oh I wouldn’t worry. The worst place it might send you to would be between dimensional planes. There you might not even be able to exist at all.” The Professor explained. “Now make sure you all stand perfectly still.” He finished and hit a button and then held onto a lever. “Good luck to all of you!” The Professor called out and flipped the lever up. The machine began to whirr louder and louder until a blinding light surrounded Naruto, Courage and Spyro, and a tingling energy surged all around. Within moments the three were transported from sight, flying through the dimensional rifts of time and space into another world!

Chapter 4: Welcome to the Island of Sodor
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” all three of the friends screamed as they plummeted down into a new world. They fell through dimensions and found themselves hurtling into a large body of water. With three big splashes, they swam up to the water’s surface and looked around. “Where are we?” Spyro muttered. “What is this?! This isn’t Konoha village!” Naruto shouted, disappointed. “This is an island!” Indeed it was an island. From the distance, you could hear cheering and machines clanking, but the most defining sound was that of train whistles. “Looks like the Professor’s machine didn’t work after all.” Spyro added. “Ouuuuuu.” Courage sadly howled. “Don’t worry boy.” Naruto said after picking Courage up and plopping him safely ontop of his head. “We’ll get back somehow and try again. Believe it! But first, let’s get to that island. There’s got to be people there.”
And so the three swam just as fast as they could to the island’s shore, walking up the sandy beach’s shore and shaking themselves off to dry. “Look! Up there. I think it’s a road!” Naruto joyfully shouted running to it. “I don’t think that’s a road.” Spyro muttered, shaking his head. All three of them were on railroad tracks. Suddenly they felt the tracks shake and they all heard a distant train whistle. Naruto turned around and watched as a big blue train came rolling down towards them, closer and closer. Spyro and Courage hopped away from the tracks and Naruto soon followed. He couldn’t believe his eyes as the blue train came closer. It was carrying coaches of people inside and it had a smiling face and a yellow number 1 painted on its side. The train came to a steaming halt next to them and suddenly spoke, with a surprised look on its face. “Cinders and ashes! What are passengers like you doing all the way out here?”
“The train! It’s talking!” Naruto shouted in surprise, pointing at the train. “I’m no train. My name is Thomas.” Said Thomas. “I’m a very useful tank engine. These are my coaches, Annie and Clarabelle. We’re on our way to take passengers to see the new Dinosaurs on Sodor. Would you care to come along? There’s plenty of room.” “Thanks.” Spyro answered and hopped aboard. “We’d love a ride. Come on Naruto.” Courage held tightly onto Naruto’s head, as he climbed onto Thomas. “Talk about a weird day. I hope we can all go home soon.” Naruto sighed. “Welcome to the Island of Sodor.” Thomas chimed and happily tooted his whistle before letting off steam and starting to move again on the tracks.

Chapter 5: The Dino capture on Sodor
Thomas pulled his newfound friends on the tracks, puffing and chugging around Gordon’s Hill and onward to Castellated Tunnel. Thomas’ conductor cheered as they entered the tunnel. “What a wonderful day to give a Dinosaur Tour!” he smiled. “Dinosaur Tour?!” Naruto echoed. “Oooohh!” whined Courage, darting into Naruto’s jacket to hide. “Don’t worry. All of the Dinosaurs here are fenced and kept at a safe distance from the train.” Explained the conductor. “This island used to only be a place for shipments to be traded and used. But now, it’s a theme park! Thanks to Sir Topumhat negotiating a deal with the president of InGen corporations. They brought their top scientists and labs to the Stone Quarry and transported their best dinosaurs from the islands of Costa Rica far away.” “My favorite dinosaurs are the ones with the very long necks.” Thomas added. “It must be really nice to be able to see a view from far away.” “Here we are Thomas!” cried the conductor, as Thomas tooted his whistle. As they circled outside the tunnel, Naruto, Spyro and Courage all looked out in awe. Large Gates opened as Thomas chugged through them, and inside there was a wondrous burst of plant life and theme park buildings. Dinosaurs were in huge domes and fences, and a huge castle full of people waiting in line to go on an island tour, awaited Thomas and his new friends. Thomas let off a cloud of steam as he slowed to a halt in front of Lord Callan’s Center station, letting the passengers off. Naruto, Courage and Spyro stood onboard Thomas and looked at the park around them. “Welcome aboard to the Dino-tour of Sodor!” Thomas smiled as new passengers boarded Annie and Clarabelle. “Please mind your step.” alerted Thomas’ conductor. “The tour will begin again shortly!” Everybody climbed aboard until the coaches were all full. “It looks like a lot of people are eager to get on the tour.” Spyro told Naruto. “Just look at that line.” “I wanna go too!” Naruto grinned. “I didn’t get to see anything since we got on when the tour ended!” Courage looked around cautiously, poking his head out of Naruto’s jacket. “Well, knowing my luck, I’d say something disastrous and crazy should probably be happening soon.” Spyro said cynically, sitting down. “Don’t jinx anything Spyro!” Naruto warned. “Think positive! One tour and we’ll all be back in our homes before dinner, believe it!” he smiled enthusiastically. “What could go wrong?” Thomas’ train whistle tweeted as all the passengers were on and he was ready to go. “And away we go!” Thomas cheerfully puffed, exiting the Station and rolling on the tracks and back into the tunnel. “Hang on Thomas.” The conductor chimed in with concern. “I’ve just got word on the radio that something went wrong with the power at the park generator building. We must go back!” “Aww!” Naruto groaned and sadly hung his head. “But these people have all been waiting to go on the Dino-sodor tour.” Thomas protested, not stopping. “I can’t disappoint them.” “We’re going to have to Thomas.” His conductor fearfully said. “Because now all of the cages and fences are down! The dinosaurs can all get out of their enclosures!” “What?!” Naruto yelped. “Told ya something was going to happen.” Spyro groaned. “AAyeeee!” Courage panicked. “Don’t worry guys! I think we can help!” Naruto spoke and stepped up to the conductor. “If it’s alright we’d like to help mister. We can get the dinosaurs back into their fences while they work to get the park power back on!” “If you want to try that, go ahead.” The conductor said. “But it won’t be easy. Some of the dinosaurs are very dangerous! Especially the veloceraptors! Oh, I hope we don’t run into any carnivores Thomas!” “Well guys! Let’s go round up some dinosaurs!” Naruto cheered and leaped off Thomas, carrying a screaming Courage and Spyro in his arms. “Thanks for your help! And good luck!” Thomas whistled from below as he continued down the tracks around the island. Naruto landed safely in one of the trees above and set Spyro and Courage down. But courage yelped and hopped up onto Naruto’s head again. “Anyone got any bright ideas?” Spyro asked. “Well, we should get all the small dinosaurs first and put them in a deep pit together so they won’t hop out. I don’t think the dinosaurs can swim, so they shouldn’t be able to get off the island.” Naruto planned. “Hmm, Spyro! You look like a dinosaur! You can help bait them and lead them all easier.” “Well, I’ve herded sheep and hatchlings before. I guess I can try.” Spyro nodded. “Great! And courage,” Naruto added. “You come with me and we can get the plant-eating dinosaurs get back to their places.” “Whoou.” Courage smiled in relief. “And then we go for the big tough dinos!” Naruto finished. “NOuoooo!” Courage squealed fearfully, diving back into Naruto’s jacket. “Alright guys! Let’s do this!!” Naruto exclaimed and jumped far above the trees as Spyro glided down onto the ground, both on the lookout for the dinosaurs. Naruto leaped from tree top to tree top, searching for loose dinosaurs and stumbled upon something fast, darting to the left below him. “Woah! There!” he exclaimed and followed the dinosaurs. He passed them from above and landed right in front of their pathway. “Ah-ha!...oh.” he blurted out as he was face to face with three veloceraptors. They hissed and snarled at him, slowly beginning to surround him and close in for an attack. Naruto quickly placed his fingers together and took a brave stance. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” he shouted as twenty shadow clones surrounded the raptors. The veloceraptors chirped and trumpeted, startled and retreated quickly back the way they came. “Haha!” the Narutos shouted victoriously and chased the raptors back, herding them together until they were just outside their enclosure. They then turned and hissed, backing up in front of the enclosure walls. Naruto’s clones quickly dove underground and took the raptors up and into the enclosure one by one, poofing once they were attacked in retaliation.
Meanwhile Spyro was herding small Triceratops back up a hill they had escaped from. He used his wings to dodge some of their charges and got some to chase him back into their nests. When the larger parents came and charged Spyro, he used his water breath to disorient them before they eventually gave up the chase. He then glided around and herded a few pteranodon that had escaped. He used his fire breath to block them from flying off the island and chased them all back into their large domed cage with the other pterandon. “No need to thank me!” Spyro shouted down at the park cage handlers, before gliding away. “I’ve never seen a dinosaur like that before.” Said one handler.
Back at the raptor compound, Naruto and Courage got the raptors back into the confining walls of their compound and kept them inside while the compound handlers closed up the top with a net. Naruto and Courage then spun around to the sound of a loud, frightening roar! “Woah. That sounds big! Let’s check it out!” Naruto told Courage as he left the raptor compound and followed the noise. He leapt over the trees and buildings in the park until he came to some railroad tracks with nothing around. “Hmm. That’s weird.” He wondered. “Ababodabu! Abbriee! Hoohoo!” Courage babbled in panic as he tugged on Naruto’s collar, looking behind him. “What is it boy?” he replied and turned around. “It’s Thomas!” smiled Naruto as he saw a familiar blue engine puffing down the tracks. He jumped up and waved his arms in the air. “Hey! Thomas! Stop!” he shouted as Thomas chugged toward him. Thomas quickly put his brakes on and stopped right in front of Naruto and Courage. “Thank goodness! You’re both alright!” Thomas whistled. “Get on board!” shouted the conductor. As Naruto and Courage hopped on, Naruto felt something odd. “Wait. What’s that?” he said, alerting the conductor. The ground seemed to quake gently as if big footsteps were being stomped into the ground nearby. Suddenly a loud rustle and crack was heard in the trees by the track behind Thomas. Naruto looked around the side of Thomas to see a humongous reddish brown T-Rex, standing behind the train and terrifying the tour group. “EeeyEE!” Courage shivered in fear. “Thomas! Get going without us! I’ll take care of it!” Naruto shouted as he got out and leapt in front of the T-Rex bravely. “This thing is huge!” he said under his breath as he nervously looked up at its large jaws. The T-Rex looked at Naruto and let out a deafening roar in his face! Courage leapt out of Naruto’s jacket with his purple hair on end, screaming loudly before running away into the bushes. “Courage! Come back!” Naruto shouted and backed away from the T-Rex as it stomped closer. Thomas quickly chugged away once more as the T-Rex growled and roared at the train getting away. It chased after Thomas, crushing the tracks behind him with its heavy feet. “Oh no you don’t!” Naruto grunted as he dashed away to keep up with the huge T-Rex. He put his fingers together and summoned six shadow clones, all running at the feet of the T-Rex. “Now!” Naruto ordered as three clones leapt up high and shouted as loud as they could, all punching the nose of the T-Rex down into the ground. The T-Rex groaned as it was hit and halted to a stop, allowing Thomas to escape. Naruto summoned more clones and as they came to his side and spun blue chakra in his palm. The T-Rex came back up, shaking the dirt and metal from its snout and roared angrily. Naruto then leapt up high with the powerful blue chakra in his palm. “Rasengan!” he shouted as he pressed the palm of his hand on the T-Rex’s face, causing it to stumble back and fall on its side, groaning. But before long it regained its footing and stood up again, this time angrier than before. “What?! Not even the Rasengan stopped it.” Naruto winced. The T-Rex roared at all of his clones, causing them to disappear, leaving Naruto standing below all alone. “Naruto readied his kunai in his hands and looked up at the angry T-Rex. Suddenly a small fireball flew in from the sides and landed right against the T-Rex’s neck. The T-Rex, furious and confused, spun around. Much to Naruto’s surprise and delight, Spyro flew in from the tree tops and glided to Naruto’s side. “Spyro!” “What’s all the commotion over here?” Spyro joked. “I just rounded up the last of the dinosaurs when I heard all this roaring.” “This big thing just came out of the trees and was about to eat the train!” Naruto shouted. The T-Rex spun back around and growled, lunging forward at Naruto and Spyro. Quickly, they both dodged the T-Rex and ran into the trees. “How are we going to get this guy back to the park?” Naruto asked Spyro. “It’s too tough to handle.” “It looks like we’ll need to get it to chase us.” Spyro suggested. They both darted out of the trees before the T-Rex could thrash its tail about and knock down all the trees. “Hey, over here!” shouted Naruto as he waved his arms. The T-Rex roared loudly and Naruto covered his ears and screamed, running like mad to the center of the park. Spyro quickly ran after him, trailing behind the stomping T-Rex.
Meanwhile Courage was cowering behind some bushes nearby the park, looking around at the secured fences and the dinosaurs in them. Sensing no danger he ran into the park and stumbled up to a park map. He studied the map before going in the direction of the park center. All of a sudden, people began to scream and run past him in a panic, stampeding poor Courage as he chuckled breathlessly, hopeless to avoid them. He shook himself back in focus when he heard Naruto’s voice screaming in the distance. “Outta the way!” Naruto screamed as he ran as fast as he could. The T-Rex destroyed the trees behind him as it let out a ferocious roar and stomped after him. Courage lept up and let out a terrified scream, his hair standing on end and his eyes bulging out. Suddenly Spyro jumped up on the T-Rex’s tail and climbed up its back. The T-Rex stopped, feeling Spyro on its back and spun around trying to get him off. “Oh no you don’t!” he grunted as he struggled to stay on it’s back. Naruto then threw two kunai attached together by a string at the T-Rex’s feet, causing it to trip with a heavy rumble. “Woah!” Spyro yelled as he rolled off of the huge carnivore. Courage quickly got a hold of a whistle in his pocket, alerting the park handlers and security as they gathered around the fallen T-Rex and tranquilized it, recapturing it. The people around them cheered and all sighed breaths of relief as all the Dinosaurs were now safely caged in the park. Naruto, Spyro and Courage all came together in front of the Castle Center and stood triumphantly smiling.

Chapter Final: All’s well that ends well!
Suddenly Thomas pulled back into the station and tooted his whistle loudly and happily. “You did it!” Thomas cheered. “Thank you for all your help!” Suddenly a small, bald, round man in a suit and top hat walked up to Naruto Courage and Spyro. “Thank you so much for saving us.” The man thanked. “Sir Topumhat!” Thomas gasped. “I came to thank you for saving Sodor and because there is someone here who wishes to see you.” Smiled Sir Topumhat. A familiar old man with a long beard and glasses walked forth and met with the new heroes. “You!” Naruto gasped in surprise, pointing straight at him. “You’re that old guy who sent me away from the Leaf Village!” “For a very good reason.” The old man began. “My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am a wizard and I happen to be the headmaster of a school for witches and wizards. I thought perhaps that you would make an exceptional wizard, but when I sensed you were not in fact a wizard, I sent you forth into another universe.” “Why’d you do that?” Spyro asked. “So that Naruto here could expand his mind and skills and find his way back without my help. And he happened to find new friends along the way, which in essence is a good thing isn’t it?” Dumbledore added. Naruto did indeed find new friends along his journey. “Now it is time to send you all home.” Dumbledore smiled and waved his wand around the three of them. “Goodbye! Goodbye!” Thomas whistled. “I’ll never forget you all!” Then suddenly magic engulfed Spyro, Naruto and Courage. Spyro found himself back home in the Dragon Village. Courage was back in Nowhere and leaped into Muriel’s arms. Naruto arrived back in Konoha Village and ran into Konohamaru again. “Oh! Naruto! You’re back! Did you beat that wandering ninja?” he asked him. “Uh, yeah!” Naruto smiled. “I made some new friends too, but they had to go home.” “Aww that’s too bad. Hey! I heard about a new kid that moved here from the hidden mist, and he’s really strong! Wanna go see how strong he really is?” Konohamaru giggled. Naruto grinned and stretched his arms out, then he gave him a thumbs up. “Of course! Believe it!”

The End
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