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Damien groaned as he stumbled into his apartment. He liked the extra cash the regulars customers gave him, but he hated them at the same time. They know how much of a light weight Damien was. Not even bothering with the lights, he made his way to his room. Stubbing his toe on his side table, Damien went down with a loud; 'FUUUUUC-'.

After a moment of rubbing his poor toe, the bleached haired male climbed up onto his bed. Striping of his phone, keys, wallet (placing them on the table), jacket and shirt he sighed. If it was legal, Damien would so be a nudist. Undoing his slacks and pushing them down, Damien wormed out of them, kicking the off the bed somewhere.

Groaning as he heard his phone, Damien ignored the desire to chuck it at a wall. Instead he sat up and grabbed the annoying device. Seeing it was a text from a customer, he sighed. At the host club, regulars who donate a lot of cash are allowed the numbers of the host they visit often. Only to invite then to parties and such, the host still gets paid if wished as well. So it is like they are a escort.

This customer was a newer one in the host club, but she was loaded. She had a friend who just opened a new club downtown and was asking him to go with her to the upper VIP party above it. Pondering on it for a second, Damien shrugged, why not? It could be the alcohol still in his system, but Damien sent a flirty, 'yes' in reply. Once that was done, he set his phone off and passed out.
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Thorns and Claws

Work went well enough. His morning job was at a farm just outside of the city limits. Him and Owen worked there for the extra cash. Not that Owen needed the cash he was doing it more to help the older couple who ran the place. This work more of reminded Alex of home. Well before they moved to the states anyway.

It was the other job that really brought in the money though. The repair work. He worked on electronics, ranging from computers to phones. Whatever people brought in. He got paid for the work he did, there was a hourly wage if he didn't get work but that was hardly the case. The day seemed to drag on until Owen pranced into the store again with Adam at his side. "Are you going to waste all day in here?" He exclaimed as Alex looked up from the case he was just popping back on. A side panel to a old switchboard someone had brought in.

"huh?" He questioned before Owen grabbed him and tossed a clean shirt at him. "how did you-" "Just toss it on and lets go. You said you'd go to the club with us so damn it we're going." Alex groaned but went into the back room to change the shirt anyway as Owen told the man in charge of this place that they were kidnapping Alex. He laughed saying it'd do him some good to get out.

"Yeah yea.. being social doesn't pay the bills sir.." He said smiling a little before Owen grabbed him and all but threw him in the car. It was down the street a ways before he parked and the three of them met up with the others Owen had mentioned earlier. "Isn't this .. don't you have to have a reservation to get in here?" Alex said almost in shock they were here. "I have one... so stop complaining and enjoy yourself. That accent of yours .. you'll be the one picking up the chicks without trying."

Alex gave him a bit of a unimpressed oh joy look before following Owen's lead. It was true Owen did have a reservation here. Though Owen was well off being the son of one of the large companies here and being in training to take it over when his old man stepped down.

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Damien sighed as he took a cab to the club. Always ending up drinking, Damien found no use to drive his car, he would have to be driven home anyways. Paying the driver what he owed and a small tip for not bugging him with small chat, Damien fixed his shirt. Being more informal since it was a club, Damien wore dark, fitting jeans, a tight button up with striped doing down and some lose accessories on his wrist and neck. Having his cuffs undone and pushed up his forearms and more buttons undone for his shirt then usual when working, Damien was ready for the club scene.

Waving at the door man, Damien was instantly let in. Placing a lose smirk on his lips, the male started to make his way in the club. Wanting to get a drink before he had to 'work', Damien made a bee line to the bar. Being short had some nice traits to it, like not being spotted by his customer right away. Ordering a fruity drink (and glaring at the bartender when he smirked), Damien lounged on the counter. Making a lazy scan over the crowd. All kinds of people seemed to be here...
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Thorns and Claws

Owen was let in as well as his little party. Though the few he brought with him were hardly a concern. None of them were trouble makers so what did it matter. Heck minus Alex they were all respectable in their own ways. Though even Alex held respects just not the high end company kind.

Owen quickly patted Alex's back as he saw the other sigh. "Cheer up this is a club you're suppose to have fun.. you know what that means right?" Alex rolled his eyes before he started walking. "Where are you going?" "A drink, something strong enough to make this so called fun you talk about happen." He said having turned to walk backwards to face his friend while talking.

Though not missing a stride he turned to walk the right direction a few steps from the bar. Asked right away what he wanted. "Anything that can knock out a bull.. hell I don't know. Just something." He said waving his hand a little. There were too many fancy drink names and all he wanted was something to take the edge off of his work day and so he could relax.

He was not fond of clubs or parties, even being as social as he was he felt pressured in these settings. He did well in small groups though. He waited for that so called drink as he tugged at the shirt a little. How the heck did Owen get into his... never mind that bastard still had the spare key didn't he?

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