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It's October again, and I'll be continuing with more Twilight Zone Episode Recommendations!
Why? Because I'm a TZ Fanatic
and I never got to finish the whole month last year... >3>;
So, I'm back to finish the job. >:D and bring to you (the poor soul that decided to wander into this probably unlawfully resurrected thread) some more spooky, thrilling, episodes straight from the Twilight Zone!
I believe I stopped at the number 15 slot for the 31 days of October, and coincidentally, today is October 15th! >:D Therefore tomorrow I will be posting another recommendation, and will cease to once I hit the 31st!
There's a lot more 1960's era TV spookiness to get through, so off we go!

[!!ALSO!!: If you're interested in an unrelated creator's similar but equally interesting take on the Twilight Zone, :D Check out Channel Awesome's Twilight-tober Zone on Youtube. They will be reviewing the first 31 episodes of Season 1 more in depth and with more trivia facts. ^-^ I'm enjoying it everyday so far, though I wish they could review them all!]

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Mr. Garrity and the Graves

Returning with a favorite I love relaxing to on a Halloween night, is Mr. Garrity and the Graves! This season 5 episode is a most unconventional, humorous and eerie sort. >.> I mean, it takes place in the wild west, but it also has to do with the resurrection of the dead. <u< The most hilarious things to come out of this episode are the colorful personalities of the townsfolk, and how they react to this man, Mr. Garrity, who cleverly and delicately handles them like a wolf amoung sheep...by which I mean, he plays them for fools. <x'D
It might be a bit of a spoiler, but it's not the first time he went into a town to profit from it.
The comedy comes from an old corner, in which irony is quick and simple, but at the same time, grows with time as you realize what is happening. >w> Lies met with lies only make you cries.~

This episode has some very fitting old timey western music for the beginning, though as it goes on, especially at the end, it changes into something creepier and ghost-like. o.o I won't give away this twist, because it's just too perfect. <xD It's appropriate to have "Happy Halloween!" at the very end as a title, even though it doesn't as this isn't a specifically halloween-geared episode.

The only frightful thing in this episode is the gullibility of people like in this episode that is still ever-present today. X'D But! If you're a bit squeamish about the idea of the dead rising from their graves, I wouldn't worry too much. This is in black and white after all, <:/ so these undead folks aren't like the zombies we all imagine to be rotting corpses, falling apart and looking horrifying. They just look like normal folks. :) And no animals were harmed in the making of the episode. -u- There is just a very talented animal actor. ^-^

Season 5. Episode 32. Mr. Garrity and the Graves. A most recommended episode, with smiles sprinkled around a gravely deceiving runaround rodeo! :D Give it a watch if you'd like. Playing dead has never been so entertaining.

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Nick of Time

Another sort of eerie episode involving two newlyweds that are stopping at a small-town diner on their way to their honeymoon vacation in New York. Being The Twilight Zone of course, nothing goes normally at all. x)

This is also another classic example of an episode with a psychological fear rather than a tangible one. Such as the Gremlin on the plane in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Which William Shatner also stars in.
:D He returns once more in this episode, playing the husband, and rather than portraying anxiety stemming from the fear of flight and disaster, he does an excellent job portraying the tormenting superstitions and beliefs of a man fearful of the future.

It's common knowledge that thinking of the past too much can bring sadness and longing, while thinking of the future can bring about uncertainty and paranoia. It's actually the present which matters most and holds the most security, despite all time giving the illusion that it can be controlled. The frightful thing in this episode is the uncertainty of what the future holds and the shady knowledge of knowing that future can only cost you your freedom and peace of mind. There's no real scary scares in this, and I guess the penny fortune machine is a little creepy in portraying a devil bobble-head, but it's got a rather silly grin I think. :) And the machine seems to have a mind of it's own. x'D

Season 2. Episode 7. Nick of Time. You don't know what the future holds until it arrives. /:] Check it out if it sounds like you're interested. There's no question about it, you may never know, until you dare risk finding out.

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The New Exhibit

Another one from the elusive Season 4, this episode is one of the more classically creepy ones from the series. It has an element of horror more present than it's fantasy one for certain! 8(
If you've ever been to a wax museum, then you understand already how creepy they can be. The wax figures are so well made, you could almost mistake them for a living person! And this episode takes it a step further, by making the wax figures those of famous serial murderers!

xD Although the acting can be a bit hokey and this one doesn't have very much of an underlaying message or moral or meaning around it, it's still delightfully frightful to watch. I guess it's more akin to an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, than anything. :] You can sort of tell when the direction called for the actors portraying the lifeless wax figures to keep still, and you can notice a slight teeter of movement here and there, but in some scenes, 0.0 the actors really do a great job of selling you the illusion that they won't move!

I like a simple, little old spooky tale now and then. The old ones aren't so scary. They go about things slowly and carefully, and scare you just as slowly...like wax melting, until you realize how fast it actually went! 8o This episode drew me in so much, it feels more like 40 minutes than an hour! Time flies when you're being entertained. :)

Season 4. Episode 13. The New Exhibit. A creepy one to say the very least! There is a level of eerie uncertainty in that you feel like the wax figures can move whenever they want, and they don't until you least expect it. 8/ Doesn't have jump-scares per se, but it comes close. A little too close for comfort. But if you don't mind that, go on ahead and give it a watch if you dare. B] You might be glad you did.

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The Hitch-hiker

This is one episode I never understood why it was scary. Every person I know whom this one has left an impression on, tells me it's a scary episode. It wasn't until I started driving alone that I understood why. 8(
In the context of the episode a young woman is taking a cross-country road trip alone. All sorts of scary things can happen. 8( But the one thing that comes to mind always is some man that takes interest or follows behind or along you when you're alone without someone to have your back.
One of the most frightening feeling for a woman I think, is the feeling of being preyed upon, and I understand it too well. >.> Though before watching it without the understanding context, I didn't see the hitch-hiker as much of a thing to be afraid of. I thought, "just say no and drive away."
x) Turns out, it wasn't that simple a solution, seeing as the hitch-hiker seems to always be there no matter how many times she drives away.
<;/ You find out why later on in the episode, so I'll leave the twist a mystery.

The things which really make this episode are the actress' narrations, giving us as the audience an insight into her thinking. Her acting is pretty good too! :) Very convincing. You feel bad for her. <:/ She spends a good amount of the episode frightened and desperate. The music of course is quite fitting too, and escalates as her terror escalates. However, my favorite thing of all in the episode is the little things along the way that add up in the end. It always makes me wonder about other details that went overlooked and could be explained in my mind. ^-^

Season 1. Episode 16. The Hitch-hiker. There are I guess a couple of music cues that might make one jump in this, though they are mostly fake-outs. One is just a goofy close up shot. x) Give it a watch if you want. Though solo-drivers proceed with caution, or the road ahead might just turn into a nightmare. o_o

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The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

This is one of the few episodes of the Twilight Zone that are often studied and shown as an example of a reflection of society and social community. Like Nightmare at 20,000 ft, it's a popular one. But I put it on this list for a special reason. /B]

The title is misleading, but it tells the truth. It's a pretty common episode, but I still won't talk about the ending. It's a slow ride of paranoia that happens throughout and it all gets you just as worried as the people in the neighborhood.

This episode has very well written dialogue and acting. Of course, this was another one written by series creator Rod Serling. There is such a battle of logic and illogic in this, and it doesn't come as much of a surprise, which one of them wins in the end. Because the scariest thing about this episode are just who the monsters are. If you're not familiar with Serling's other twists and notations on the allegory of things in life, then you know who the monsters are. If not, they may not be who you expect. >.> But they are probably much closer to us all now than they have ever been...

Season 1. Episode 22. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. Nightmares seldom escape the sleeping subconsciousness of our minds. But the terror in this episode is one of the most feared and infamous waking nightmares. It's a look into the frightful reality, where logic, reasoning and a calm open mind may not be enough to save you... <.<

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The Shelter

Ah! And we come to another one of my personal FAVorite episodes of the Twilight Zone! :D This is MY Maple Street. It's far less popular an episode, but I love it for exactly the same reason people like Maple Street. It has a message for people as a whole, as a group, and it reflects the absolute primal worst in us as a species. >-o It's a dark one, and it starts out so light! x)

This was an episode from it's time, during a time where cold war was the fear of all, and mutually assured destruction was a very real possibility. 8( It's a frightening thing alone, to feel you might be in danger of being in the midst of nuclear warfare...especially if you live in a major city somewhere. In the Shelter, the more frightening thing is far closer and far more devastating than any nuclear weapon or warfare imaginable.

Again, I won't give away the ending, as it's too good for words to praise. -o- But! I will give praise to the acting in this! :D The panic, feels real. The worries and woes, feel real. The fear and frustration, feels so very real. Above all, the animosity and desperation feels too real. I'd expect anyone to act these ways if they felt they had no protection, and were about to be doomed if they don't do something soon. o_o;

This episode has an excellent theme, premise, music, build up, and message. It's less science-fiction, and less horror. I'm not sure thriller was even a genre back then, but it would probably be categorized as such, as things get pretty intense prrrretty quickly. The best thing about this episode is the beginning and the end, which I compare all too often. You'd have to watch it to see what I mean. >u>;

Season 3. Episode 3. The Shelter. The unknown is one of the most frightening things we as humans can imagine. But what's ironic is that nothing in this episode is truly unknown. Give it a watch. It's more dramatic and reflective than anything, there's no scary faces or special effects or anything. I promise, it's one of the ones that has stood the test of time, despite the times having changed since then...or...has it really changed so much? >.>

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The Masks

The Masks is one of my guilty pleasure episodes. It's a fun exercise in clever dialogue as well as nasty pettiness that I reserve only for my most apparent and satisfying fantasies. >B] This episode takes place during the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and I found it really fitting for the Masks to take place as the main prop of the episode. It could have been a Halloween or All Hallows Eve celebration, but I think, in having it during the Mardi Gras, a time of infamous festivities, naughtiness and gluttony, it goes VERY well with the theme...which is the exaggerated and egregious qualities of the family in the episode.

This is a creepy sort of revenge tale with an interestingly creative twist to it. I would argue this is one of the more shocking Twilight Zone episodes that people tend to remember simply for the masks featured alone. The faces, twisted into the exaggerated and ugly expressions are indeed really easy to remember. 0-0
It's interesting that most people tend to forget that the power behind the masks is subtly explained by the old man, Jason. It's important to recall the details in his explanation and remember that the masks are more than they seem on the surface. Spookily enough, it was the actor who played Jason, (Robert Keith)'s final role before passing away...and he played the role of a dying man in the episode. e_e; But on a more interesting note, he also would star in a couple of episodes from Alfred Hitchcock presents. :)

Again, I won't give away the ending, though it's easy to see from the picture alone that the premise will involve faces and unmasking. I will say the ending is one of my favorites in the Twilight Zone that touches on the reality of death itself and the state of being of those who live having ugliness just beneath the beauty of their faces.

Season 5. Episode 25. The Masks. Some scares in here mostly have to do with the twist, though the make up is a bit dated and subtle so there isn't much to be too shocked about. :T It's mostly the music cues that clue you into being frightened. Other than that, what you see you can take at face value. /B} Just remember, take comfort in knowing that this is an episode of pure fiction this time. Take a look if you like, this is one that's sure to help you save face. x}

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