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Default Just needing a rant...   #1  
..And whatever else this may end up being. x.x;
But yes.. just a rant to get things off my chest.
I really don't do this... but I really need it..

But things feel like they have been going downhill. x.x;;
Ever since me and my mom stopped our grooming business things are just shitty. Can't find a job.. and I'm going crazy. And the money issues is just argh... Barely able to pay my car payment along with my credit card, my phone, internet. -sighs- I just wish I could win the lottery... Maybe I should actually play before I bitch about not winning. >.> /headdesk I also wanna job to help out my parents. I mean my mom did get a job after we closed grooming, but she makes half what we did then. So it's hard getting back to that. And her truck is now not able to run right so she has to use my car. And my brother had to use my car to get to school before. It's also just better on gas then the truck.

-Sighs- And my relationship hasn't felt the same.. ;.; My boyfriend is back from Iraq for a few weeks.. And he hasn't changed.. but it feels different. I've been getting more scared to loose him. x.x; But he goes back for a couple more months... A year feels to long. I hate feeling this emotion, love.. >.> Never felt it before I met him but damn. Girly feelings. Go away. Me no like. I also feel like he doesn't want to go more into a relationship. And I wonder should I still stay with him. But I will 'cause I love him to much.

Ugh.. and my family doesn't help.. more so meaning aunts/cousins.. I hate being compared to them.. All skinny, got jobs, going to school now. I know I'm out of shape.. Don't need them talking behind my back mentioning 'I've gained weight' to my mom. :/ And this school stuff is getting annoying. Because they are all entering/going to college now I get hounded by my gramma and others asking 'when will I be going' and stuff. 'Oh you need college, can't do with out' I figure that. But it's not my thing. And I till them I will go when I'm ready. Just annoying to hear it every time I see them. And all this gossip and talking behind each other backs is so annoying.. They are all about looks and appearance. I even get talked about behind my back about how I dress. T-shirt and jeans. I see nothing wrong with it. But apparently it's not 'girly' enough. >.> More so when they say that I'm getting ' I don't want to be see around you, you don't dress nice enough or girly enough'. Uh.. thanks. -sighs-

... I think I'm done.. x.x;;
-stares at it all-
-withers away-
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Default   #2   Serra Britt Serra Britt is offline
Neko-chan Nya Nya~
-gives hugs if you accept-

Sometimes it helps to just let it all out. I know it did for me last week. It sounded like you just wanted to get some stuff off your chest but if you need to talk, I'm here :3

♥ Never be afraid to be yourself ♥

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Default   #3  
-Hugs back-

-Nods- I did. x.x;;
It just sits there and sits there.. and get's worse.
Thanks. :3
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Default   #4   Vanitas Vanitas is offline
light always wins
-hugs tightly-
I know what you are going through. :/ It's hard for my parents to send me to college, I feel like I'm draining them of all that they have and I want to get a job and etc. and pay everything I can but I can't at the moment because I'm taking summer classes and they last a couple hours a day...but go to college when you feel comfortable because going to college and getting a higher education would mean a possibility of getting a better job and income, I'm not trying to sound like the rest of your family but I really do care and just want to see you happy but it is your choice and just keep hanging in there. Look through local magazines and see if anyone needs help or ask friends if they know of any places hiring or if they need help with anything around their house. My family and I are in a tight spot too, I really need a job but just can't do it, I don't feel comfortable and my studies would fall. About the wearing t-shirts and jeans, who cares about that, I mean it's what YOU like to wear and not others. If you feel comfortable in it then wear it. I am a girl and wear t-shirts and jeans too and I've gotten comments similar to yours before. Maybe I don't want to prance around in high heels and plaster tons of make up on my face because all that is not what makes you pretty, its you yourself and who you are is what makes you pretty. I hope everything improves for you and tell me if it does. I want to hear you be happy. :)
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