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Fresh meat :D
Default World of Warcraft   #1  
Anyone here play WoW? if so what class/spec and horde or alliance? :3
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Default   #2   Nixxia Nixxia is offline
Fresh meat :D
I myself play a rogue, assassination/outlaw and I play mainly horde, but I do have alliance toons
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Azu-kun Azu-kun is offline
Default   #3  
I used to play quite alot until the later expansions, I still have an active subscription for when I go back to play occasionally, I used to play both horde and alliance and I generally play tank or healer
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Default   #4   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
I've avoided WoW initially because I was in Uni and didn't want to get distracted. I haven't played much Warcraft related since the second game expansion. I have Warcraft 3 but never actually played. I think I started life in Alliance but gravitated towards Horde later. Of course, we're talking some 20 years ago. Not sure I remember. ;)
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Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
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I haven't played properly for quite a while now but my main is a level 100 Belf Destruction Warlock (horde) and I have a level 96(ish) Nelf Frost Mage (alliance) over on Terenas(EU) server and I have a really low level Draenai Frost Mage over on Bronze Dragonflight that I was levelling with friends over there ages ago... ^_^;;

The last I played was shortly before the latest expansion to get my class order hall, but other than that I've not had much free time to play.

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Default   #6   Vee Vee is offline
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Soooo, anyone playing prepatch right now? Currently running Shadow Priest and doing my garrison quests. ;;
for the hordeeee :'D
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Gogandantes Gogandantes is offline
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I really never understood why people are so addicted to this?
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Default   #8   Coda Coda is offline
I mean, it's an easy question to answer: it's basically a social network crossed with a video game. It's always had great music and a well-written story, and there's always something new to experience. But on top of that, you've got to get together anywhere from 5 to 40 people to go after the big stuff, so you end up making a lot of friends -- and you have to play a lot in order to get the stuff you need to go after the next big thing.
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