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Gwendolyn Macrae Gwendolyn Macrae is offline
Angry Do You Guys Exercise?   #1  
My one friend is really into burpees which..tbh I'm honestly not sure how it's exercise but I mean...my friend swears by it and he's in pretty good shape.

Basically like, he just drinks soda, sits on the computer and like belches a lot. And yeah..."burpees" he calls it.

Do you guys exercise at all, does anyone else do burpees?

I've been trying it and idk...I think I actually gained a pound so far.
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Default   #2   Starlight Vivian Starlight Vivian is offline
I can't and won't ;o;
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Gwendolyn Macrae Gwendolyn Macrae is offline
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Originally Posted by Starlight Vivian View Post
I can't and won't ;o;
Maybe even just like try burpees.

Although idk...maybe that doesnt work. Im not sure it's working.
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Default   #4   Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga is offline
Forward Thinker
Burpees are pain.

I do exercise, though.
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Coda Coda is online now
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I guess I can see how forcing burps would exercise the abs, but... that doesn't sound overall productive, especially since the soda is just going to add more calories. (Sparkling water might be okay for the task.)

Before COVID, I would go to the park every weekend for swordfighting practice. My local park has opened back up this summer but because I've been moving house I haven't had a chance to attend again yet.

I also used to use Dance Dance Revolution as an exercise routine. That, too, got set by the wayside thanks to having to move house. I really want to get back into it.
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Default   #6   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
I definitely don't workout as often as I should, but I do still get plenty of exercise walking to work. Each week I estimate I walk somewhere between 7 and 15 miles. It can vary depending on whether I get a ride home from a coworker (usually only if it's really bad weather out and we get out at the same time) or if I pick up extra shifts.

But I do want to get better at sticking to doing actual workouts too to help tone down certain areas and also build a little more muscle.
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Ava Ava is offline
Double Rainbow
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That's... that's not how you do burpees. xD
Actual burpees are jumping down into a push up, then jumping up, lifting your hands above your head and back down into a push up and repeating.

I do burpess on a regular basis because I go to the gym a lot. xD
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