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Default Synod of Questionably-Competent Individuals (Guild Wars 2 RP OOC)   #1  
Name: Tsaerri Mir
Race: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Age: 23
Height: 5'0
Weight: 91 pounds
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (60% Evil, 70% Chaotic)

Background: Abandoned by her impoverished parents as an infant, she grew up in the orphanage of the Salma District, eventually falling in with the local thugs in her adolescence. Making her way as a pickpocket and con-artist (arts at which she proved to be disturbingly talented), her path seemed destined for disaster, eventually leaving her complicit in arsons, robberies, and murders. She was “saved” only by the misfortune of happening to attempting to mug a Mesmer while posing as a prostitute. The kind-hearted man saw through her ruse instantly, and, recognizing her natural aptitude for the profession, rather than slay her or report her to the authorities, he offered her an escape from the squalid life of the slum: his sponsorship in the Divinity College of Mesmers.

Naturally aloof and uncomfortable with her noble-born peers, Tsaerri largely kept to herself during her studies, forming no strong bonds with the other students. As she learned the arts of illusion magic and swordplay, she began to realize her place as one of the most promising students at the College and began to actively disdain the other trainees. To this day, any fellow mesmer she encounters must prove themselves in her eyes before she'll even speak to them as an equal.

After graduating, she was soon contacted by her former associates, who were interested in putting her talents to use as an assassin and their key into far larger heists. Tsaerri, though, had no use for the petty thieves and murderers of her former home. She now operates at somewhat more wholesome work as a rather expensive mercenary, albeit with very few moral qualms about any prospective job. After aiding in the defense of Shaemoor and being recognized by the Seraph Guard, she was approached by the “Hero of Shaemoor”, Skaeye Stratarre with an offer to join her fledgling guild, the Synod of Gods.

Swayed by the prospect of a permanent residence and external resources to call on at need, Tsaerri cautiously accepted, dubious that she would keep the job for long once the once her seemingly-idealistic employer saw the kind of work she normally took.

Personality: Tsaerri is generally cold and abrasive, easily frustrated with other people if they don't meet her standards of competence. She has no true friends to speak of and tends to keep to herself. While appearing rather greedy, she lives a remarkably un-luxurious lifestyle, save for her own personal vanity. Her collection of clothes and accessories scarcely fits in the tiny room she keeps in the guild hall. In her spare time, she enjoys putting together elaborate performances with her illusions, though she never shows them to others. She is often disappointing to people who meet her, especially men taken in by her beauty only to learn that she is a rather difficult person to get along with, giving her something of a reputation.

Physical Abilities:

Above-average swordsmanship
Nearly superhuman dexterity and reaction time
Keen judge of character
Quick to learn and adapt

Mesmer Abilities

Surface-level mind-reading
Battlefield teleportation
Weapon conjuration
Targetted hallucination induction
Temporary personal and mass invisibility
Limited telekinesis
Combat phantasms
Illusion shattering (resource for more powerful magics)
Self-enhancement via mantra meditation
Projectile reflection
“Spatial Surge” technique with a greatsword as focus


Vis, Monarch, Morgana, Ilya (Greatsword, Sword, Sword, Pistol; phantasmal weapons, deal damage by altering the brain-state of the victim to damage itself concurrent to the strength of the illusion, cannot be broken, can be instantly re-summoned if disarmed. No weight and can be dismissed when not in use.)
Blindfold (Allows her to see magical auras and through enemy illusions, offers limited resistance against mind-affecting spells)
Armor (Glamoured with magical wards to greatly reduce the impact of blows, no she does not wear imaginary clothes!)
Cold silence has a tendency
to atrophy any sense of compassion
between supposed lovers.
Between supposed brothers.
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We're all mad here.
Name: Syrgei
Race: Human (Krytan)
Profession: Thief
Age: 27
Height: 6’3
Weight: 210 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Background: Of unremarkable birth and circumstance, Syrgei grew up in the Salma district of Divinity’s Reach, helping out at the tavern run by his friend and her father and occasionally serving as a self-appointed bouncer when patrons or local thugs started causing trouble. It was in one such altercation that an errant bottle caught him in the face and shattered, making a mess of the tissue around his right eye.

Generally one to help if he can, he immediately volunteered to assist the village of Shaemoor from attack. He’s taken to assisting the Seraph an in unofficial capacity, especially when something needs investigating outside of “official” parameters.

When presented with the offer to join a guild (at Logan Thackeray's suggestion) Syrgei agreed, having developed an enjoyment of adventure and desire to explore the rest of the world outside Divinity’s Reach.

Personality: Confident and easy-going, Syrgei is generally pleasant and unbothered by most personalities, save for a few sour apples in which case he will openly share what he thinks of them. A genuinely good guy, if something outrageous needs to be done to save the world, he’ll give it a shot.

Physical Abilities:

Acrobatic and quick
Expert dual wielding with light weapons
Moderate swordsmanship

Thief Abilities:

Steal for exploitative items and enhanced abilities
Poison use
Targeted injuries to cripple or bleed
Stealth and sneak attacks
Evasion, hit and run tactics
Rapid, single target teleport and withdrawal
Can exploit existing injuries to deal damage beyond a normal strike.


2 serrated dirks, 2 pistosl, rapier, mechanical compound shortbow
Shades (stylistic preference, reduces glare from Mesmer portals)
Armour (mixture of metal, fur, leather, and hardware; heavily resistant to physical damage; mechanized to assist in ease of movement)

AKA: lanky blond idiot; bipedal mop, "Blondie," "Pinky," "Blond Justice"
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Someone's slacking off at work! :O
Cold silence has a tendency
to atrophy any sense of compassion
between supposed lovers.
Between supposed brothers.
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Problem to the Solution
Name: Eduardo Thicktree
Race: Sylvari (Pays other people to run them)
Profession: Buys other people who have them.
Age: 25
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 165 pounds
Alignment: Money (Neutral, but with tendencies towards good. On occasion.)


Eduardo comes from a long line of Old Money. Although not born with a silver spoon in his hand, he quickly became accustomed to using one, as well as a higher style of living from the aid of an obscenely wealthy and 'eccentric' collector of rare things. Being one of the first Sylvari to spring forth from the Pale Tree, he was a rarity to be admired in his early years. His wealthy benefactor paraded him among his colleagues and tutored him in the ways of his world until his death. Coming to see the Sylvari as a sort of son to him, he left all of his estate to Eduardo after his passing.

While having received a fairly well balanced education, Eduardo is incredibly sheltered from the outside world. The struggles of the majority of people are completely below what he has ever witnessed, and the majority of what he knows are from books and tutors not entirely familiar with subjects at hand.

Given new freedom with the death of his benefactor and a desire to see the world he has been so long divorced from (and his astronomical wealth to see him through it), Eduardo has decided to set out to see the world and everything in it, from a safe perch behind those he has paid to resolve difficulties he may come across.

Personality: Mr. Thicktree is what the common man might call a "Nob". He speaks with a crisp and airy voice, to the point of being part of such a high society he can afford to pronounce his words involving w's with an extra 'h'.Foppish and used to a certain lifestyle, he is completely oblivious to the fact that other people have even a mere fraction of the wealth that he possesses. He sees the world as a sort of fairly safe place and that anything bad that could happen most likely does to people he has never heard of. Incredibly naive and almost childlike in some areas, he has found that mentioning that he has money and doling out minuscule portions of wealth generally gets him through life and out of many jams. In fact he has been in many perilous situations that completely missed his recognition, and only escaped them by his offer of money being coincidentally the correct answer to resolve them. While he does see money as the answer to most of his world's problems, he is not greedy - Just completely uneducated on how the world actually works.

Physical Abilities:

Able to carry an almost comic sum of money on his person, without appearing to be weighed down in the slightest.

Other Abilities

Can offer a ludicrous amount of money to improve or avoid a situation.


A seemingly limitless amount of gold, and his pet cat, Chauncey.
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Name: Skaeye Stratarre
Race: Human
Profession: Guardian
Alignment: Lawful Good (80% Lawful, 100% Good)
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 pounds

Background: A Guardian in the service of Balthazar, she was born the bastard daughter of a noble and raised with her commoner mother. Rising to prominence as a soldier, she made a name for herself in the battle of Shaemoor where, alongside Logan Thackery, she drove off the Tamini shaman and destroyed his earth elemental.

As recognition of her service to the Queen, she was knighted and given a commendation to open her own Guild, the Synod of Gods, and tasked with keeping the Queen's peace and dealing with the incursions of Risen surging north from Orr.

Personality:Calm and well-spoken, she possesses a natural air of command, tempered by a deep-rooted empathy for the suffering of others that has made her an inspiring figure to those who have served under her. She speaks with tact and consideration, naturally adept at calming tensions and facilitating peaceful negotiations.

Physical Abilities:

Above-average strength and endurance
Master swordsmanship
Poor strategic planning abilities
Skilled in diplomacy and interpersonal relations

Class Abilities:

Fire aura and flaming weapon
Self and area healing/cleansing
Combat shouts
Temporary invulnerability
Passive regeneration and shielding
Blinds enemies struck
Battlefield consecration


White Rose (enchanted greatsword, preternaturally sharp and balanced, burns victims when struck)

Custom plate armor, fitted and reinforced, enchanted for additional protection
Cold silence has a tendency
to atrophy any sense of compassion
between supposed lovers.
Between supposed brothers.
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It Won't Stop
Name: Gambooge Beryl
Race: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Age: 27
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 140lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good

He was raised in the Shire of Beetleton, looked after by his mother, a Seraph Soldier, and his aunt, a common baker. His father was a traveling Mesmer that only paid the occasional visit, but often spoke of his times in the frozen mountains of Shiverpeak and the forests of Caledon. Gambooge seemed well on his way to being another faceless villager, until the day he decided he wanted to help others just as his mother always had. He quickly found an affinity for magic that could only have come from his father, and after successfully assisting to drive off a centaur attack on Beetleton farms, felt confident enough to set out on his own adventures. He was woefully unprepared for anything more serious than rounding up moas or destroying pests around the farms of Queensdale, but thankfully was recruited to a guild before he could get himself into any real trouble.

Gamby loathes to be alone, and does everything that he can to avoid it, whether his company is wanted or not. He fills his time either helping his guild or doing any mindless task that is asked of him. He loves attention, but only on his terms, and is just as likely to duck behind a rock when an especially mean monster comes around as he is to try and be the hero.

Physical Abilities:
Flexible in body and mind
Able to go without sleep or food for extended periods without complaint
Able to complain about literally anything else

Elementalist Abilities:
Manipulation of fire, water, air, and earth
Conjuration of raw elements or elemental weapons
Summoning of an Elemental
Elemental auras and shields
Element-based breath
Shape-shift into water or air for a short period
Non-elemental projectiles and shields

2 basic daggers which act as foci. But also like daggers.
Backpack of snacks and things. Not bottomless, just convenient.
Clothes that magically won’t burn up from spells he casts.
A bandit costume that looks strangely similar to a pirate costume when you move the bandana.

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It Won't Stop
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Name: I84-G
Race: Golem
Profession: Golem
Age: 2 weeks and 4 days
Height: 6’0”
Weight: Varies
Alignment: Neutral

Built by Miss Deedle.
Carried things.
Given to S-O-G.

Various Personality settings available. Current Personality setting: Sassy.

Large compartment for item storage
Long-distance communication

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We're all mad here.
Lanky blond idiot has posted; one blood-dribbling charr coming soon.
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Due to popular demand...

Name: Danklfur "Dan" Magnum
Race: Charr
Profession: Engineer
Age: 35
Height: 7'
Weight: 302 pounds
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful


Dan "Don't call me Danklfur!" Magnum held his first gun when he was still a pup. Twenty seconds later he suffered his first traumatic experience when he accidentally shot his father in the knee. Since then Dan has had a career of illustrious military experience and combat, with an even larger record of suffering horrible circumstances and generally being the only one to emerge alive from whatever campaign he might undertake, no matter how simple or non life threatening the task may have been. While it has rarely ever been his fault, the other Charr have noticed that people tend to not come back with Dan on a mission, and subtly not so subtly suggested that he may find better luck in life pursuing his own path, far away from here. Very far away. In his travels (bloody), he searched for a place that may take him in (and keep him). He had found what he hopes to be a permanent (keep dreaming) home within the guild of Synod of the Gods. While not understanding what a Synod is (Not the bookish sort), they were the first one not to kick him off of the doorstep, and never did research in to the tours of combat that he participated in. (They're probably going to regret that) Hey wait when did you start getting full sentences? (Dan argues with himself like this sometimes. He hopes it's him anyway.)


Dan is a constantly teetering composition of fierce aggressiveness to get a job done, quickly followed by intense paranoia and fear of past mistakes catching up to him (You remember when you threw that grenade Dan. You forgot to pull the pin and had it thrown right back at you. You looked silly in front of everyone, right before they were blown to smithereens!). Nearly everything reminds him of something awful that has happened, and he's prone to flashbacks and launching in to long rants of various past occasions, going in to great detail about what happened and how only he survived. Just about anything is capable of triggering these outbursts, followed by heavy breathing and staring at nothing. When he's not suffering from a shattered psych (When is that again?) he is an incredibly capable warrior, and is hard to match in sheer skill and determination to carry on a fight, much further than his body should allow. Is secretly scared that he will get everyone in his guild killed in very detailed and violent ways (It's like a quota with him!), and generally volunteers to stick his neck out in dangerous situations to see that this does not happen.

Physical Abilities:
Incredible physical strength
Highly proficient with most firearms
Tuned sense of smell
Able to withstand an extreme amount of punishment (He deserves it!)

Engineer Abilities:
Able to quickly erect turrets of several (I think they're gimmicky) types for various situations.
Mechanically inclined
Can deploy an arsenal of various grenades and gadgets to get in to/get out of sticky situations (Sometimes he makes them sticky. It's a glue trap I think. Doesn't come out of fur easily.)

Two pistols, one shotgun of a pumping variety, a modular turret with swappable payloads, an unending supply of grenades (okay so he makes them himself), a tool belt, and one incredibly holy uniform (It's ratty, not religious) from his older days in the legion.

(Ahem. You forgot something.)

Oh! And one orbital laser. He's still not entirely sure on the mechanics of that.
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I will look into this as soon as I'm not dying.

EDIT: What the hell is "chaotic lawful".

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Running out of time here. Syrgei will either help put out the rest of the fires or stick around with Ed, depending what other parties are doing.
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I think the RP just earned its name.

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WIP; piecing this together bit by bit during "free time".

Name: Crethach
Race: Sylvari
Profession: Thief
Age: 3 years (~19 years in human appearance)
Height: 5'0
Weight: 50 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good



Physical Abilities:

Higher resistance to "flesh" wounds
Lower resistance to fire
Ambidextrous; also zero side preferences
Exceptional hand-eye coordination and dexterity
Uncanny luck
Quick to absorb new information
Quick to formulate tactics mid-battle

Thief Abilities:

Easily pickpockets useful items
Stealths self and others
Physical weakness and backstabbing exploitation
Short-range teleportation
Poisons and powders with varying effects
Traps and bombs with varying effects
Minor healing capabilities for self and others


2 daggers with poison channels
Sylvari-crafted shortbow
Face mask to prevent inhalation of toxins
Leather coat(s) with metal plating
Dozens of hidden vials

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We're all mad here.
OOC note! Syrgei is confused/surprised right now since he assumed that Tsaerri was noble or upper class up until now, so her being in "that line of work" is throwing him a little bit. Not sure how to put it into words though, so a reference for her mind-reading, if she's paying attention to him, that is. ;)
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I wasn't really intending for her to be overheard considering she took him to the side and lowered her voice, but maybe Syrgei has good hearing...
Cold silence has a tendency
to atrophy any sense of compassion
between supposed lovers.
Between supposed brothers.
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We're all mad here.
Whoops. Missed that part. I sort of assumed they were all still in the stack. I can ditch the post if that's easier.
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