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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
Cool Just wanted to share my mer-dad for a bit...mkay bye! x}   #1  
So, this is my fish dad. He's kind of a badass. <x'}
I can only dream of being this badass for now.
But one day I aspire to be this cool. +w+
My dad doen't really know how to record anything except in portrait on his phone, and the sound isn't the best,
but it's still neat to see him play. :] He's been playing long before I was born, and though he's got some muscle damaged in his hand from a thumb injury, he's still skilled. :D This is one of his very own, on-the-fly, improvised sessions.
Original Rock Ballad by Merskelly's dad

ps. did I already share this?? o-0;

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Default   #2   Ava Ava is offline
Hakuna matata
Mer-Dad has such luscious hair!!! :O

And he's really talented too!
Thanks so much for sharing him, Merskelly!!

He actually reminds me a lot of my best friend's dad!
He also played guitar and was in a band :D
"Should I tear my eyes out now?
Everything I see returns to you, somehow
Should I tear my heart out now?
Everything I feel returns to you, somehow
I want to save you from your sorrow"

--- Sufjan Stevens
Picture drawn by itty
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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No joke, I tell him that all the time. <x'D

You're welcome. ^^
I just feel so proud of him. :]
He's no Mozart on the guitar, but he's got a musical soul. ^-^

My dad too was in a band. :D In jr. high and high school, but on rare occasions he plays with his friends. Not in a band though, since he's all done with that and fills his time with other things. ^-^;

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Default   #4   Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
this is quite neat. :0c
percival is busy being queer as hell. he was also here.
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daikokunyo daikokunyo is offline
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he is very cool for a Dad :o

Buying Runes.
PM if you're selling?

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Originally Posted by Tohopekaliga View Post
Don't be alarmed, we just have a minor case of face hugging adorable monsters. I'm sure it'll blow over eventually.

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Default   #6   Witchchylde Witchchylde is offline
His long silver hair looks so much cooler than mine.
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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<x} Thank you all! Hehe, yes he is very cool for a dad. <U< Hard to believe he's in his mid 50's with all he does!

:D He's got the Gandalf locks alright, hehe! x} Not sure why he let it grow out to be that long, as he has always had it in a short sort of flat pompadour style for a while. :] But he kept getting compliments when he started letting it grow, so I guess he didn't want to cut it. <x}

I'll be visiting him all weekend starting today. :] And he's done covers for a couple songs too. ^~^; Any sorta 70's-80's classic rock, country songs, and blues is just his taste. :/ I found one of his links he sent me here. :] Sail On Cover by Merskelly's Dad

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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merskelly, merskelly's dad

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