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My second favourite chickpea food also comes from Persian Empire Pastries. It's these tiny adorable cookies. They're very soothing when my guts get in a rage.

Actually, lavashak even has a little bit of citric acid added to make it more tart. :D

I do tooooo, but it usually doesn't love me. My main employer gives herself fits trying to cook for me, because of course you can't NOT feed your friends. XD

Gotcha. I don't really taste fish when I eat the seaweed. I taste the salt and the oil. But then my favourite fishes are salmon and pickerel. I guess they taste different.

I love noodles of any kind. IIRR, the udon noodles don't like me. :/ Even when I get the gluten free kind.

Oh right! This was just the beginning of a correspondence, wasn't it?
I'm not very active right now, because of stuff. If you don't see me around and you really need to get hold of me, you can yell at me over at one of these places?

My blog.




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