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<:} Iiii donnnn't..sorry. I had a Tumblr a while back though, just for my art stuff. But it's like all hand-drawn nonsense and all, ^~^; no digital computer arts on it except for my sweater design which I tried getting the img code for. I can link that to you, even though I really don't use it anymore as a portfolio. :o
My Box of Stuff is kind of extensive since I had it and posted in it for about 3 years, but I've been on hiatus for a while now. >.>; mostly because I'd rather not social media anymore..it consumed my life too much. <x} But all my Pokémon art is in there, :D if you'd like to just look at it. Some posts are *grumble grumble* >:[ erased by Tumblr for containing inappropriate content which is total bs because I never drew anything NSFW. Ugh. :[ sadly they gone. I'm not even sure why or what they were, so, sorry 'bout that.

(Just remembered: I have an instagram but I'm reserving it for when I turn 27. :/ Because that's the age I imagine myself having myself more together, and I will use it only to take pictures of the food I eat...I'm weird.)

^-^ So you can credit me using my tumblr or just on here if you like. Shoot, I don't even have a facebook or twitter. x} *shruggy shrug*
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Default   #66   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
*scrolls through several pages of your tumblr just because I can*
OMG everything is so cute and I wish I could doodle and make cute and awesome arts like that, but I am lazy and just don't have the dedication to get good.

But...but you should totes at least follow Derpy on Insta because I sometimes post pics on there of him that I forget or am too lazy to upload and share on here... >.>

Will probably just tag you on here like I do everyone else's art. XD
I don't have facebook anymore or twitter either. Did set up a twitter for Derpy a couple days ago, but tbh, I don't really get the point of twitter, so I probably won't use it. I'm kinda dumb when it comes to using social media...
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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Ehh, I don't really see the appeal in social media much, -n- *shrug* It can also kinda confuse me too. :/ Though I'll be sure to look up Derpy once I get on Instagram in the future. ^-^

Ahhww thanks! <xD My tumblr portfolio was actively used only like a couple years ago, and I would return to it, buuuuut, I'd rather have a portfolio saved on my weebly...which I haven't updated. >.>; and probably should..but hey, ^-^ I'm glad you like my stuff.

I've been drawing since I was in kinder. >u>; What was sort of a lil' hobby turned into a skill, and eventually a talent I guess? I was super observant as a child growing up and I loved animals, especially reptiles and birds...I studied them a lot in magazines and encyclopedias and even up close, so I learned to draw them more and more. :] I got into drawing dragons during middle school. They look pretty bad and weird now, >~>; but I've gotten much better I think. ^~^; My pride n joy in my box of stuff is probably my Poison Pokémon team drawing. That's the one that's my phone background. <3 I named each Pokémon on my team too.

Boopfang - Arbok
Unisan - Nidoking
Spoox - Haunter
Beller - Victreebel
Jupitor - Tentacruel
and Vivi - Golbat

Might even re-draw it in the future, along with the rest of my shared-gen and typing teams. :]
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Default   #68   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
I think I never really picked up on art because my older sister got all the art praise and just generally introduced to it and stuff from a young age. Ex: my dad used to do a lot of art before he had us kids, but since my sister was the first kif and he still could kind of paint, when she was old enough, he would give her a canvas and some paint to play with, but then when I came along, 2 small kids was too much, so he didn't have time to do art. And in middle school, my sister for her 8th grade art project (it was always the same project every year, we had to draw a playing card, kind of like a face card where the top and bottom halves are mirrored) did a queen of spades on one half and jack of diamonds (which is a pinochle in the card game of the same name) on the other all freehand. I think it's still hanging up in the living room. For my project, after dozens of failed ideas, I just did the cat from the comic strip Rose is Rose. It hung in my bedroom until I graduated. It's probably been thrown out by now.

So now I get really discouraged when I'm not instantly good at drawing. It's cool though, I found other skills that I'm pretty good at.
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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<:] ahh, I see. That's too bad. <:[
I've been discouraged mostly because of myself because I can't help but compare myself to peers and other artists who draw way better than I can. -n- I doodle as just really a hobby or something now.

But I'm glad you found other things though to practice and get all skillful in. <:]
Like your crocheting and knitting. I've picked up writing myself actually...hoping to pursue it more, since I like telling stories. <:/ *sigh* I wanna take another creative writing class. The last one I took was so fun and I actually got shit done xD because of homework deadlines and whatever hehe!
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Default   #70   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
Lol. Just loom knitting actually. No crochet yet, though I want to learn it eventually. And yarn dyeing. I haven't done it in AGES but it's really fun. And chainmaille (mostly just jewelry so far). XD
I actually don't write as much as I used to, but I used to love that a lot too. And will hopefully get that going again soon, though at a much easier level than I initally aspired to. Lol.
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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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Oh! ^-^ Hehe my bad. :] I tried crocheting once in grammar school, for like...four months. XD It wasn't for me, hehe, but I made a potholder and half a scarf!

Jewelry-making is cool though! :D Always profitable. And there's all sorts of things I always like to look at in Michaels for it. xD
Never made jewelry though. :] I had two friends that did though.
One had it as a family practice, and her mom and grandmother made jewelry out of rocks and minerals. They were wicca so they had different stones and minerals that represented different healing and luck properties I think. :/ Never believed in it myself but I had a couple of nice looking cobalt blue and turquoise bracelets from them. :]
My other friend sometimes made bracelets rosaries and brooches with her aunt. Mostly all angel or cherub themed. She didn't give me jewelry but she gave me a shiny rock thing with a little angel encased inside of it. :] That was cool. Wonder if I still have it. :/

The only jewelry I ever made was friendship bracelets from pipe cleaners and beads. xD not even the lanyard ones, hehe.
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art shop thing, i guess, merskelly metalien, trying this out, with frickin' lazer beams

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