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More Magic
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Username: Voidbarker.
Item Idea: Bouncing off the flower basket idea, perhaps a flower garland.
Images: (This is about the only decent one I can find, honestly.)
Colours: Pastel, plus maybe a deep blue?
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Default   #18   Glitch Glitch is offline
I’ll get everything updated in just a bit thanks for for participating everyone, keep brainstorming too !

"Ron was spiders. He just was."
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More More More Magic
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Is the color request for an item that has more than one color in the details? Or if it's all one color, do we still suggest what we'd like to see it in since it won't be full palette?
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Token shop is generally just a selection of colors with a few item exceptions so assuming the winning item has a lot of color variations I am looking for what your primary color interests would be!

If the winning item was a purse that had a clasp and stuff hanging off of it for example
The strap, the clasp, the stuff on if, perhaps a pattern could all be different colors so if you wanted a primarily blue purse or red or even got so specific as a brown purse with gold clasp, black strap, pink accessories That would be ok too!

Hope that made sense

"Ron was spiders. He just was."
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