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Default Bronze Roses Figure?   #1  
Can someone please tell me how to use it? Im confused as to the old base is right behind it. why?

it has all body pieces complete.
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you asked this question in a previous thread

Originally Posted by Gallagher View Post
go to where you choose your base skin color and equip the empty image. that's going baseless. then you can use her figure the way you want.

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yeah and i still don't understand how to do it. being that its useless in my inventory because id like to put it on and can't. I deff don't understand. I thought i did but i don't.
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Decorate! This base doesn't conform to the general bases, because it is - as before stated - a BASELESS base. Meaning gloves, shoes, pants, and the rest won't fit the figure, since it was designed to be worn without a base, and with these exact proportions. You can't change the arm or leg positions. You CAN decorate the head how you see fit. Rose's Dress and other items were released alongside, and can be used to make a Rose-like figure on a regular base.

Hope this helps.
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