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Aww, thank you! Ya think so? <:]

My vampie OCs are much more developed. ^-^; thouuughhh it's kind of a lot to read, so I'll only put these two here for now. :] I've got Abby and Lyra-May having much shorter backgrounds afterward, as only one of them isn't human. <x]

:D Also, my vampire realm sort of rules; Pureblooded vampires I've defined as being from richer families, and have red eyes. All other vampires are the result of being bitten and turned, and possess yellow eyes. :] Hybrid vampires have orange eyes. All vampires are immortal, and cannot die if they don't get blood. If they're starved of blood, the only thing about their appearance that suffers is their hair becoming less vibrant, and their eye color becoming a duller red. They also cannot be out and about during the day, see themselves in mirrors or photographs or in puddles of water and polished surfaces. To kill vampires, they must either be impaled with a werewolf tooth or claw, have a blessed wooden stake driven into them, or destroyed with full sunlight. Shooting them, stabbing, drowning, poisoning, and beheading does not work. Vampires from their start up until the 1800-1900's did not have very many other supernatural powers, other than having many years to become stronger, smarter and more skilled. From the 20th century onward, they began to branch out and more hybrid and bitten vampires began to pop up, and among them many with witch blood, so with them, came supernatural abilities. :]

My bois here don't have no powers, but they got little surprise abilities here and there.

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hey, just a heads up that i'm travelling back to college and will probably take a couple of days to settle. i'll read your vampire OC profiles properly like they deserve to be, in a couple of days!

Buying Runes.
PM if you're selling?

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Originally Posted by mdom View Post
Panda, do not use your boogers to make a snowman

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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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Okie dokie. :] Thanks for the heads up! ^-^ Hope everything goes well on your travel back!
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