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For someone who has never been to Canada, I've managed to amass a fairly impressive amount of Canadian coins. ($39.11 worth to be exact)

Edit: Am trying to return a call about the job I applied for, but the woman I need to call hasn't been in the office the last 2 times I've tried calling and it's making me more anxious just trying to predict the right time to call than the interview did. XP
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Got my hand warning-chomped by a handsome malamute-looking doggo today. My fault entirely. I mistook his excited jumping as a happy action and when I went in for a pet, my movement was probably misconstrued as a threat and he gave me a little chomp. But nothing too serious. An itty bitty skin break (which has been thoroughly washed and sanitized) and potentially some light bruising based on how my hand feels.
I assured the owner (who was there and who allowed me the attempted pet or I wouldn't have gone for it at all) that I was fine and it wasn't their doggo's fault and will go to work a little early tomorrow so I can apologize to the doggo for the misunderstanding. (Because he is a sweet boy who didn't mean to hurt me, he was just protecting his family.)
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DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline
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Woah it's likes a time capsule in here

“The Dreamer awakes
The shadow goes by
The tale I have told you,
That tale is a lie.
But listen to me,
Bright maiden, proud youth
The tale is a lie;
What it tells is the truth.”

― Traditional folktale ending

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Queen of Typoes
is that good or bad, martian?

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KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
More More More Magic
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It sure is XD

(I'm hooked on Demon Slayer again ;w; can't wait for season 2 )

Goodbye, my sweet Kisser. I miss you everyday.
ty bluebird for the art
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Default   #3910   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
Ugh. Kind of thinking if my friends and I are gonna get into d&d, I might have to suck it up and become the "eternal dm".
But I have characters I wanna play!
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