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Espy Espy is online now
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Also I feel the need to tell about the HORROR THAT IS THE NERFED COVERT LETHALITY

fucking rude

I didn’t even have it for that long and I already miss my Ash build

Oh well, I mained Ash well before I knew Covert Lethality was a thing, and I’ll continue to do so, instakilled Noxes be damned.
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Default   #530   Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
thankfully, i don't think my kuva lich will be taking over any more planets.

also, the fact the lich gets a free level up if you dare fail at combining the mods on the parazon? BULLSHIT.

discovered the exalted blade again, and boy howdy, is it fucking OP. time to go mastery farming.
trans rights!
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ml1201 ml1201 is offline
It's over 9000!
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Oh, so that was what the weird red wurbbly thing was on the map for the one planet. I haven't looked much into what they do, made a lich by accident, so what's up with the whole planet thing then?

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Default   #532   Espy Espy is online now
That’s their... sector. Domain. Thing. Their little minions show up there. They drop relic order hints, I believe.
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Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
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also, good luck getting the fucking relic order on the first try. it'll instakill you and force you to waste a revive + level the lich up if you don't get it correct.

man, is that cheap.
trans rights!
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Default   #534   ml1201 ml1201 is offline
It's over 9000!
huh, interesting, I'll keep that in mind.

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