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Default Welcome to Trisphee - Site Rules   #1  

These rules serve as an addendum to the Terms of Service. By using Trisphee you agree to be bound by both documents.

  • Target Age Group: Trisphee is targeted for users ages 17 and older. Users younger than 13 years of age are not permitted due to applicable local, state, and federal laws. Accounts created by users younger than 13 will be banned until the user is of acceptable age.
  • Account Ownership: All accounts, items, and currency are the property of Trisphee.
  • Account Nontransferability: Accounts may not be transferred or shared between users. Limited exceptions (for instance for charity purposes) may be made with prior consent from an administrator.
  • Password Security: Account passwords must be kept secret. Giving your password to another person is prohibited.
  • Alternate Accounts ("Mules"): Users are permitted a maximum of three accounts. Registering more than three accounts will result in the banning and/or deletion of the last account and possible disciplinary action against the other three accounts. Impersonating another person for the purposes of exceeding this limit is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

  • Donations are gifts from you to Trisphee for the purpose of maintaining the site. We provide you with Runes as a form of thanks. This is not a purchase transaction and all currency remains the property of Trisphee.
  • Non-Refundable: Donations are non-refundable.
  • Unauthorized Use Policy: While legitimate donations are non-refundable we are willing to investigate donations that were made without the consent of the PayPal account holder. Please contact an administrator or e-mail admin@trisphee.com if you need to report unauthorized use.
  • Chargeback Policy: We will happily work with you to deal with unauthorized charges if you contact us. However, chargeback processing through PayPal is expensive and therefore requesting a refund or chargeback through PayPal is prohibited. Any donations revoked through PayPal instead of by contacting an administrator will result in an immediate and permanent ban and forfeiture of all runes and purchased donation items.

  • Multiple Posting: A user may not post more than twice in a row in a thread. The use of alternate accounts to appear to circumvent this rule will result in disciplinary action. If you accidentally triple-post, contact a moderator.
  • Exceptions: The previous rule may be relaxed for shop threads, where the creator may make multiple posts at the beginning of the thread to reserve content, and for personal "hangout" or "blog" threads, where additional posts with sufficient content may be made after a reasonable amount of time has passed (generally a day).
  • "Bumping": It is not permitted to post in a thread only for the purposes of keeping it active. All posts are expected to have relevant content (see "Spam", below).
  • Duplicate Threads: Users intending to create a new thread are expected to look for other threads about the same topic. A thread duplicating an existing, active thread will be locked. An "active" thread is considered to be any thread that has been posted in during the previous week or remains on the front page of the forum's thread list.
  • "Necroposting": Trisphee does not prohibit posting in old, inactive threads, but new posts in these threads will be held to a higher standard of scrutiny when judging whether a post has sufficient content to be considered non-spam. For example, posting in an inactive thread to simply express agreement with the content is considered spam and the post may be deleted.
  • Duplicate Posts / Cross-Posting: No post may be made in multiple threads. Copying a post into another thread is considered spam and the post may be deleted.
  • Chain Letters: Chain letters are not permitted.
  • Thread Ownership: The creator of a thread is only considered its owner for blog, hangout, shop, quest, charity, and similar threads. Threads about topics of public interest are for the use of all users and the original poster has no special privileges.
  • Permitted Language: Trisphee is primarily an English-language site and most moderators speak only English. Posting in foreign languages is permitted but the poster must ensure that moderators will be capable of understanding the content, either by confirming that the section moderator speaks the language or by posting an English-language translation. Foreign language posts without translation may be removed without warning.

All content rules apply to posts, signatures, private messages, and visitor messages. Most content rules also apply to social groups and guilds but may be relaxed with the consent of the group owner.
  • "Spam": Posts in the Trisphee forums are expected to contain relevant content. Posts containing only single words or emoticons are prohibited. Advertising products or other websites in posts is prohibited. Posts that are meaningless/nonsensical, off-topic/irrelevant, or disruptive may be deleted and the offending poster may be disciplined.
  • Exception: Posts in sections designated as "game" forums may have less content as long as it participates in the thread's specified game.
  • External Links: Links to other sites are permitted but the linked site must comply with the content and behavior rules of Trisphee. Shock sites, pornography, advertising, illegal content, and other inappropriate sites may not be linked. All links must clearly and accurately state what is being linked to. Linking to the referral page of any site, including Trisphee, is prohibited.
  • Advertising: Advertising commercial products, other websites, or services is prohibited in posts. Advertising your own site or service in your signature is permitted within reason.
  • Copyright Infringement: All materials posted must be the property of the poster or must include proper attribution and credit. Derivative works must have the original source attributed. Plagiarism, "art theft", and other similar actions are prohibited. Failure to give attribution or credit may result in an infraction and removal of the offending material.
  • Explicit or Adult Content: The spirit of this rule is similar to a "PG-13" movie rating. Tasteful artistic nudity may not be posted directly but may be linked. Sexual content, realistic depictions of violence, exposed and emphasized genitals, anything that may be considered "hate speech" or promotes discrimination and other similar content is prohibited and may be neither linked nor posted. Profanity is permitted within reason but excessive profanity may be removed. Non-explicit but mature content is permitted but must be indicated in the thread title or concealed within a spoiler tag.

Post Formatting
  • Image Sizes: Images in posts must be no wider than 575 pixels. Images larger than this size may be automatically cropped or resized. It is recommended that large, high-quality images be posted as thumbnails with a link to the full-size image.
  • Text Color and Size: For the sake of users with visual difficulties, all text must be readable. Using colors that contrast poorly with the background color or very small font sizes is prohibited for post body text. These colors and sizes are permitted for effect for small portions of text but may not be used to conceal content that would be otherwise prohibited.
  • Post "Flobs": Images and formatting applied before and/or after your posts for style reasons must be small and unobtrusive. The general rule of thumb is that the combined size of this post formatting with no content must not be larger than a completely empty post (that is, 350 pixels). The spirit of this rule is that the focus of a post should be on the content, not on the formatting around it.

  • Content: Signatures must obey all content rules and the Trisphee terms of service. Signatures in violation of any rule may be edited or removed.
  • Maximum Size: Signatures may not exceed the width of the post area and may not exceed 400 pixels in height. Signatures exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped.
  • Image Size: Images in signatures may not exceed 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Images exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped or resized.
  • "Clickables": Clickable pets and similar games are only permitted in signatures and/or in forums or threads specifically designated for them. Posting them in any other places is considered off-topic and may be treated as spam. Clickables count towards the four image limit in signatures.

  • Begging: Begging for items or currency is prohibited in posts, signatures, private messages, and visitor messages. Quests are permitted in the appropriate section. Linking to your quest thread in your signature is permitted.
  • "Phishing" or Scamming: Attempting to deceive other users for the purposes of acquiring items, currency, passwords, favors, etc. is explicitly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Harassment: Harassment is explicitly prohibited. This includes posting of intentionally inflammatory messages in threads, private messages, visitor messages, or signatures, as well as stalking or persistently contacting another user against their will. Other behaviors may be deemed as harassment at the discretion of Trisphee staff. Harassment of any kind will result in disciplinary action.
  • "Name-dropping": As a special case of the previous rule, publicly criticizing other users by name is explicitly prohibited.
  • "Off-siting": Trading Trisphee items and/or currency for items and/or currency on another site or game is prohibited.
  • "Botting": Using any computer program or other automated means to perform actions on the Trisphee website is prohibited. All actions, including creating accounts, posting, trading, playing games provided by Trisphee, and buying and selling items or currency, must be done by a user.
  • Fraud and Hacking: Any attempts to acquire currency, items, or other account benefits in violation of the usual means are prohibited and will result in disciplinary action and possibly legal action.

Disciplinary Action
  • Moderation: Trisphee moderators may edit or delete any content deemed to be in violation of the rules. Restoring edited or removed content will result in further disciplinary action.
  • Warnings: A warning delivered by post or by private message by a member of the Trisphee staff must be heeded. Any instructions given by the staff member are considered binding rules and must be obeyed. Failure to obey will result in further disciplinary action.
  • Infractions: Trisphee uses an infraction system to measure the severity and consequences of disciplinary action. If you are given an infraction this means that your actions could result in a ban.
  • Bans: A ban means that you are prohibited from using Trisphee for the duration of the ban. Creating a new account to circumvent a ban restriction for any reason is considered ban evasion will result in the permanent banning of the new account and an extension of the original ban.
  • Privacy of Moderator Actions: Moderation actions are a private matter between the staff and the user in question. The staff will not disclose actions taken to any other users.
  • Appeals: If you disagree with or are unhappy with moderation action taken against you, you may appeal the decision by contacting an administrator by e-mail (admin@trisphee.com) or private message. Public complaints or passive-aggressive behavior may result in further disciplinary action.
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