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It was another day, another choking, blasted day. Gripping his neat brown hair, Nickolas felt like puking. How could they expect one person to hold all this stress? Maybe he was selfish, but that didn't matter. 'Cause in the end, all that matters is that he can run the family business and house.

Feeling all the blood leave his face as he thought, Nickolas excused himself from the table. Not waiting for permission to leave, his lanky form quickly left. Making a bee-line for the bathroom in his room.

Once there, Nickolas empty his stomach into the porcelain bowl. Repeating this a few time til' nothing sat in his stomach and stomach acid was puked, he groaned. Slumping to the floor he began to self pity himself. Why? Why was today worst then most days? He was usually able to hold up and then break down at night, where no one could judge him, bother him.

Frowning as he tried to think over it logically ("Self pity won't help anyone."), the brunette let out a groan. Gripping his head, he felt like crying. Why was this house so suffocating?! Panicking, Nickolas needed to get out.

Rising his mouth out with sink water, he quickly grabbed his coat, phone and wallet. Sending a text to his mother about how he was not feeling well, Nick locked his door and put on some music. Hoping it would play off as him sleeping.

After everything was set up, the young adult started to climb out the window. It was childish for a twenty year old to do, but Nickolas just couldn't take it any more. He needed to loosen up; he needed to leave that suffocating house.

After reaching the lawn, he snuck around the house, out the back yard and gate. On the outside, he moved quickly away from the house. Feeling calm from the walk, Nick felt his quick pace slow.

"Need to find the main road..", he thought to himself, no longer having a panic attack.

Five minutes of walking, now in the farmer fields, Nickolas notice bright lights. Curious, he followed the lights. Produce fields soon were passed by as large lots started to take up the area now. Seeing the bright lights that filled the nigh, Nickolas felt his mouth make an 'o' shape. It was a circus, that is where the lights were from.

"Oh, a circus. I didn't know one was in town.", deciding to go, just for fun and to hopefully relax, Nickolas started to make his way to the tent with a crowd. By the size of the crowds, Nickolas was surprise. Was this a famous circus?

Even more curious now, Nick quickly purchased his ticket and a small bottle of water. Sitting near the middle of the left side of seats, he waited for the show to start.
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isn't that funny
peeking through the gold-striped curtains he smiled, mother's magic was something to behold and in it's weave there were few flies that were not caught. pulling his eyes away from the seats that were quickly filling with souls and bodies he went to help one of his sisters tie up her laces. the glitter and glamor of the spell was only as good as they played it to be and if any of the children failed their parts mother could not eat and they would be cast into the wind like seeds from a clock
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It seemed like the tent was getting pack. Was there even this many people in the small town they lived in? Finding it hard to believe people from the next town would come over just for this circus show, Nick shrugged it off.

Checking his phone, the brunette silently made a small wish hoping the show would start soon. He shouldn't stray from home too long...
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isn't that funny
after what seemed like only minutes the seats were as filled as they would be that night and mother was pleased enough to whisper in his ear that they should start soon. casting his eyes over his siblings he nodded his approval before turning away and moving between the two tents through the curtain. as he slid through to the other side a floodlight found him and he knew the glitter of his costume and grand movements of his arms caught the attention of everyone present. grinning wide he spoke, "WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO MAMA ARACHNID'S AMAZING FAMILY CIRCUS. WE AIM TO WOW AND AMAZE AND GIVE TO YOU THE GREATEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIVES~ SO SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW!" still grinning he bowed and dipped for the darkened crowd before twisting away and heading back through the curtain. as he slipped through his smallest sister led out the first act of the night
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No longer even able to focus on the crowd around him, Nickolas watches in awe as a person waltz out into the open. The male's (or he thinks they are male), glittery and sparkling clothing it what catches Nick's attention first. Then his (almost too perfect) curly hair and tan skin. Curious of what his nationality might be, Nickolas shrugs off his question as the show starts.
Chasing White Rabbits
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