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and you also learn driving at school right xD
man we have to pay so much for the classes
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 12:47 AM  
Default   #594   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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o_o; I never learned driving in school. Wish they had a driving class. >->;
If you enrolling in a driving school like in SpongeBob, that's different. :/ We got those but they cost extra since if you're already paying for school tuition elsewhere.. >:/ I don't need no driving school!
I'm a great driver. I'm so great, I can't pass my exams driving defensively.. ;W; *thumps head on mattress*
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 01:57 AM  
Biomecha Biomecha is online now
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Driver's ed was required here when I had learned, but it might have changed to be less restrictive.
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 02:20 AM  
Default   #596   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Here you have two different options. One is attending a full official course at a driving school, and the other have someone registered as supervising co-driver (who must own their license for 7 years and drive accident free for 3 years) where you will only require reduced basic training at the driving school but need to drive 3000 kilometers with your co-driver.
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 05:34 AM  
Ava Ava is offline
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Driver's Ed was a class in high school in MN.
But I don't think it was required? Also, even if you took the Driver's Ed class, you still had to shill out a good $800 for behind-the-wheel lessons...
And they were always with the really creepy Driver's Ed teacher. And several students told me that he basically makes you drive him to his house and it's really awkward.

I didn't take the behind-the-wheel class/es because it was too expensive and I thought if I waited until I was at least 18, the cost would go down. I didn't ever take actual driving lessons when I went for my driving test. I failed three times and after the third time, I was traumatized because the woman administering the test screamed at me because I rolled through a stop sign and she claimed that I was trying to "kill people".

I tried using a teacher, but he was really unprofessional. He kept answering his phone in the middle of my driving lesson and he was talking to me about his girlfriend and family and asked me if I had a boyfriend and it was just awkward AF.

I don't like being in a car with a stranger. I don't even like being the *passenger* in a car with a stranger :(

"Well I've done crazy, couldn't you tell?
I threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell."

---Gregory Alan Isakov
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 04:37 PM  
Default   #598   Biomecha Biomecha is online now
With driver's ed, we didn't have to take a behind-the-wheel type test to get our licenses. I don't want to think how much anxiety that would have caused. I did luck out with the instructor because it was the high school principal and he was very much a teddy bear type of personality. The usual ones that taught were coaches that you'd hear horror stories about, from their experiences having to drive with them.
Old Posted 10-06-2019, 05:11 PM  

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