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Now not Vampire books... I recently saw a supernatural book series that I thought looked worth looking into. The first of the books is called War, the second is called Famine. I'll give you one guess what the books are about.
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Default   #34   Gallowsraven Gallowsraven is offline
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The four horsemen, who else, where's Death upon his pale steed? ;)

Supernatural in general??? Immortals after Dark, The Goddess Summoning, and The Riley Jenson novels i seriously recommend :D
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dragoness129 dragoness129 is offline
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The Vampire Huntress Legends by L.A. Banks is pretty good, though I have only gotten to read the first three of the series myself.
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Default   #36   Lucifer Lucifer is offline
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I found some awesome vampire related novels on the amazon kindle store recently, Joleene Naylor's Amarinthe saga is pretty awesome so far.

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Oh, man. I wish I could remember the name of the book, but I found it to be really good. It's about a woman that falls in love with a vampire who has been following her through all her past lives till that one. That's all I want to give away from the book, but I have no idea what the name of it is. I read it back in Middle School.
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Default   #38   Gallowsraven Gallowsraven is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
That plot line rings a bell Nanka, it's not Soulmate by L. J. Smith is it??? If not then it has a similar story to it.

Actually, i need to get the third volume of Night World back . . . my boyfriend's pinched it from me . . .

Where there's a Witch, There's a Way ;)
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Shenandoah Shenandoah is offline
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The only vampire books I've read and liked have been the Anne Rice novels. Most of what's out there is... less than satisfactory and juvenile. *cough*Twilight*cough*
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Default   #40   Gallowsraven Gallowsraven is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
Twilight sucks, the woman cannot write . . . i'd burn them, but i don't believe in burning books. It's bad to do it. I refuse to put them in my local charity shop because i don't want some poor unsuspecting person to pick them up.
Where there's a Witch, There's a Way ;)
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Shirelin Shirelin is offline
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Although not strictly 'vampires', I recommend the Dark series (I think that's what the series is called) by Christine Feehan. One of my favorites, especially Dark Demon.
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Default   #42   Lioshika Lioshika is offline
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I know 2.5 good Vampire series.

One is by Katie MacAlister. She has the Dark Ones series.

The other 1.5 is by Lynn Viehl. She started with Darkyn series, but has branched it into another series called the Kyndred series.

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Vanitas Vanitas is offline
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Definitely try House of Night series, they are great books and a wonderful story line.
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Default May have already been suggested >.>;;   #44   Elf healer Elf healer is offline
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Vampire Academy is a good read. I actually collected the whole series and I'm waiting for the sequel series. :D Vampire Academy is good if you like the girl protagonist type, so it's not exactly the whole "damsel in distress" type that's annoying. Rose saves herself and kicks ass :D

As for House of Night, I believe that it's not for the strongly religious type of people, like those hardcore Christians. HoN is more for the open-minded, although I can't really say much about it since I'm only up to the fourth book.

Somebody suggested the Riley Jenson Guardian series!!! :D YAY! I think I haven't read one or two of that series because I can't bloody find them in the library :\ But, from what I've read, it's amazing but this series would be for the adult audience since it has pretty detailed sex scenes. (I found these books when I was fourteen >.>;; ) The main vampire character is Irish ;)

I've read a bit of L.J Smith. I'm currently reading Dark Visions which is pretty good so far, but the vampire in it isn't your average vampire that are those blood suckers. I'm not halfway in the book yet so I can't say much about this book. (It's a three books in one type I believe, sicne the one I borrowed is that type.)

As for the Anne Rice books, I've only ever read Pandora (I think it was...). It's pretty good as it looks into the historical background and all that, so it's quite interesting.

(I had to do a little googling to remember this one) The Dark Angel trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. Okay, I know it doesn't sound like a vampire book, but they call the antagonist dude a vampyre, so I guess he is one (he's not the blood sucking type though). Damn, I read this one quite a while ago actually and that's only the first book (I can't find the others DX). I actually think it's only the first book that has the "vampyre" in it though... But I won't say anymore since it'll probably spoil it.

Darren Shan series. Damn, I loved and hated that series, but you'll have to read it to see why xD. The ending was too strange for me but the plot is really interesting and original.

Anyway, I think that's all the vampire books I've ever read. I have a friend who's a vampire book expert and was even before the Twilight series became popular.
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Gallowsraven Gallowsraven is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
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I mentioned Riley Jenson, Elf-san :D she totally rocks, i love her attitude. As the motto on the covers i have go; "Half Vampire, Half Werewolf, All Trouble"

And i'm struggling to find a few of them myself, i have the first few up until Dangerous Games, then none until Moon Sworn, which is the last, so frustrating. But the books are delicious, pick them up. And yes, Quinn is scrumptious. I thought Misha was scrumptious too.
Where there's a Witch, There's a Way ;)
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Default   #46   Master Zane Master Zane is offline
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its been forever since ive read any good pure vampire books.
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Elf healer Elf healer is offline
THIS. IS. SPAR -shot- ... *gurgle*
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I don't remember who Misha is >.>;
But Quinn *drool* <3 xD

Oh, I finally remembered. I've read a Vamps by Nancy A. Collins, the second book being Night life and third is After Dark. I'm pretty sure a fourth book would be coming out P: These books are more teen and they have those "cliques" and stuff like that (bitchy vamps, vamp hunters, vamp lords), but it's pretty good.

My friend (that I mentioned in my last post) lent me a bunch of her books so now I can read the second volume of Night World~ :D
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Default   #48   Yokuutsu Yokuutsu is offline
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PC Cast...I never got the cult feeling. It's a religion....and Christianity was once a cult.

So were other religions.

I like The black dagger brotherhood from JR Ward. Sex all over the place btw
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