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Hey all, I'm itching for a good roleplay. I'm looking for short-term and long-term partners. You can read my interests below!


Psychological thriller

No Zone

Authority figures x Subordinate folks
Ex: Teachers and students, that sort of unhealthy thing.

I'm open to pretty much everything, excluding what I've listed above. I'm open to same sex relationships and other queer themes, violent and sexual themes don't bother me but of course we need to respect Trisphee rules.

I have male, female, genderqueer and non-binary characters and usually play characters that are between 20 - 30 years old. I usually make a new character for each roleplay. I'm semi-active and will likely be able to reply at least once to twice a day or more. Hmu if you're interested!

tea hut & art request
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Ho! Miscreant!
heyheyhey!!! would you be interested in a romance/adventure/supernatural type rp ??
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Posty McPostsALot
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Hey Purple, I replied to your PM.

tea hut & art request
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