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Originally Posted by Espy View Post
Huh. That... does sound less daunting.
i mean we can even do third-person omniscient all the time, if we find that easier. but i do know a lot of players aren't comfortable with that, just as a lot of players don't like first-person.

everything is up for discussion though.
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Default   #18   Gallagher Gallagher is online now
It Won't Stop
yeah, in my 1x1s espy, it's pretty typical for me to have about... 8 characters? 1 or 2 being mains, the rest being supporting, and going into their POV as needed. hell, for characters like Gabriel or Elizabeth that i have, i can fill in 6 with just their immediate family, they pretty standardly come in a matching set unless the setting calls for otherwise.

ALL of my characters pretty much have at least 2 add-on characters to draw easily into the story when needed, either family or friends that slot in alongside them in any given universe.

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yeah, a lot of my RPs involve bringing in characters as and when needed. sometimes, whoever brings in the character continues controlling them, other times we both control them as needed. it's not something that necessarily needs to be planned out together, unless the player wants the other player to also control the character(s) or it really changes the plot to bring someone in.
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Default   #20   Espy Espy is offline
Do... are there people who... don’t RP in third person?

Writing in first person has always been a little odd for me.

EDIT: Oh, I missed the omniscient part.
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yep, most RP is in third-person but not omniscient, i'm just open to other styles too

so i find i'm okay writing first person for my original fics but i like third person for RP and fanfiction
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