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I love games.. right now I'm playing Diva Project 2 (the demo until I can get the game import) x3 I also play MMOs.. Lucid and I are gonna play wonderking together and I am gonna try Kitsu Online :3

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Default   #18   Silverbleed Silverbleed is offline
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Originally Posted by Immamoonkin View Post
There was a Kotaku writer that made an article saying you're not a real "gamer girl" unless you play sports games and EVERYTHING OUT THERE.

I threw a fit. I'm not into sports games. I'm not into zombie horrors. I like my Mario and Kirby and DDR. I don't think it's fair for you to say what I can or cannot be just because I don't play the same games as you. I also told her I'd kick her ass with my hot pink DSi. :P
Pfft that's lame. I don't like sports games; that's something you can do irl too. If I want to play tennis I'll grab my racket instead of my controller ^^;
I prefer games that are something new and something you can't do irl. Shooters are pretty fun since I can play them with my boyfriend. I've played Halo 1 till Reach, and 4 CoD games. For the rest I like games like Tekken and SoulCalibur but also small ones like Patapon (2) on PSP.
I bought my first Final Fantasy game a while ago... I've played it before at the home of friends... but now I finally have my own =)

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Gabe Puratekuta Gabe Puratekuta is offline
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I love gaming!! My favorites are Castlevania, Borderlands, Dragon Quest, some Final Fantasy, Puzzle Quest, Assassin's Creed, and some fighting and platformers


I like girls

"Demons, Zombies, Vampires.... I love 'em all!! Especially if they're great in bed :p ~Me

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Default   #20   Alexander Linden Alexander Linden is offline
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Moving this to Gamer Haven.

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GrnTea GrnTea is offline
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Nothing wrong with gamer girls!
I know a ton, and to be completely honest they're amazing at the games they play.
I met one playing Counter Strike that just absolutely destroys me... lol
More power to you!

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Default   #22   Rosekitten Rosekitten is offline
Thorns and Claws
.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.

The main thing i always got when my guild mates found out i was a chick was the fact i was nice o.O apparently WoW and other mmo's have girls that treat guys or everyone for that matter like crap Dx let alone they can't play to save their own life.. ~sigh~

.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.

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.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.
Dingbat is the phrase that comes to mind for those people though. We can't help that most people are prejudice against others in some form or way.
.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.
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Default   #24   Kyoshoku Kyoshoku is offline
I found my thread again! xD

Took me forever, but finally logic won out and I stopped being blind as a bat. It's hard to describe what people are and what they aren't. There's this hilarious chart I found on Stumbleupon. I shall now try to locate it. Honest to god, it's what the entire arguement is about. xD

. . . Erm. . . Never mind. It's lost. I will try to find it, though! xD
Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
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.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.
Hahahaha, faillll xD
.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦.○.♦ . ○.♦.○.♦.○.
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Default   #26   Ethereal Ethereal is offline
THIS. IS. SPAR -shot- ... *gurgle*
I know what you mean. I tried a dating site once but went off because I kept getting "You game?! You are awesome we should chill. No girls game and ***********" Let's just say they assume you will ********* if you are a gamer. *shakes head*

I have also had boys look at me like I am a freaking weirdo due to the fact that I love to game. I play Left 4 Dead & L4D2 constantly. I have played Kingdom Hearts, ALL Final Fantasy Games, the majority of Mario games, Dead Space, Trauma, Rune Factory, Silent Hill, and many other BOYS games. I have been playing video games since I was five, so... since 1996. Screw all of them. Boys are stupid.
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RedHinata RedHinata is offline
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@Ethereal: -high fives- Final Fantasy rules!!!!!!
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Default   #28   Fizzyology Fizzyology is offline
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lol I was raised on video games XD guys like that should be thrown in the chokey! D< lol

but seriously, I was never one of those girly girls. I had barbies, but I gave them all hair cuts and tattoos via magic markers and stuff XD

And there's nothing wrong with being a girl and having bloody gore games! D< I have the Jak and Daxter series too, all three of the Fatal Frames and Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is some serious sh!t lol.

I have seriously sat in the dark and laughed my head off as I was getting chased by a ghost with a butcher knife XD

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mahalogi mahalogi is offline
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Guys these days are getting ruder about gamer girls - .. -
But fair enough, since a lot of non-gaming girls are, well, rather not nice towards guys who are really into gaming.
I'm a gamer girl :D and I love it. I also love beating guys in games they are usually 'good' at :P
I've even debated in what console was better, 360 or ps3...
Well lets just say around 5 against 2(me being into 360 and number 2. just liking what I was saying xD), I actually kicked their butts.
I think more girls should start playing games, and stop complaining about the guys playing games.
Join them in playing! They'll like you more for it.
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Default   #30   Silverbleed Silverbleed is offline
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Originally Posted by johnny View Post
It is far more rare to find a guy surprised about a gamer being female these days, because gaming is way more mainstream.
I have to disagree with you there. In my country it's still almost taboo under girls to play games. "Girls don't play games. They go shopping." Which is ridiculous, but it's really happening. So far I've only known 3 other girls in my life that play games. That isn't exactly much, and they're not as active in gameplaying as me, except for one of those three.
It really depends where you live, because in my country... gaming is a 'nono' when you're a girl. And not only guys think that, the girls think the same which doesn't exactly encourages you to play.

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AcidDrop AcidDrop is offline
Default   #31  
us gamer girls rock <3
we're so much better then men.. hehehehehehehehe
im currently obsessed with fallout new vegas <3
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Default   #32   Stalker Stalker is offline
Gamer Girls definitely do rock.
Although, I see more girls playing games these days from when I did, back then.

When Halo 1 came out, guys literally shat themselves.
I remember back on various MMO's I would play, they would be like, "NO SUCH THING AS GURL ON INTERNETS". x3

It's kind of amusing.
When I play against some buddies on MW2, they all rage because I use strategy and key points and such to kick their little bums. xD
I`m not god or anything, but I guess I do take pride in my gaming skills.
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