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Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
Red face Just another newbie   #1  
Hey everyone, I'm new here but seem to finding my way around fairly easily (plus have a few friends to help me)

A little bit about me... Hmmm... Well I am a 24 year old stay at home mum with a 4 month old little girl called Lilith and I live in England, my partner is at work all day long so I spend a lot of my time online.

Both me and my partner play WoW together when we can and most weekends at the moment are taken up either by visiting friends and family (as we live far from everyone we know) or tidying the house, watching anime and playing games ^_^;;

My favourite colour is purple (as you may have already guessed) and I love all things Japanese (I even know some basic Japanese)

I think that should be enough as I'm not very good at talking (very much a lurker) unless I know what I am talking about ^_^;; Then I tend to ramble... So I shall stop here and lok forward to making some new friends ^_^
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Default   #2   Demonskid Demonskid is offline
Pocket Demon Ninja

Welcome to trisphee, if you ever, EVER, need anything, have any questions let me know. =)

The staff here are always friendly. They are goofy and weird (that awesome weird that you can't help but love.) and they listen to the user's feedback and advice.

Things are a little slow but that just means lots of hard work is put into things when they are released.

。[Crunchyroll] 。[Study Japanese] 。[OTKH] 。

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daikokunyo daikokunyo is offline
Default   #3  
Hullo there! I'm pretty new too and so far my experience has been awesome.
So do I love all things Japanese and know a couple Japanese phrases. I gave a couple of books of DIY to teach myself the language, one is completely of verbs O.O
Lilith is such a cute name :)
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Default   #4   Witchchylde Witchchylde is offline
Yay for the Lurkers!
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Demonskid Demonskid is offline
Pocket Demon Ninja
Default   #5  
Lurking is fun. =) but posting on tris is what makes you rich *u*

。[Crunchyroll] 。[Study Japanese] 。[OTKH] 。

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Default   #6   Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
Thank you everyone and hello all you fellow newbies! I shall probably become more active posting here when halloween is over as I'm taking part in too many events to keep track of, but I will check in here at least a few times a day ^_^
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Lawtan Lawtan is offline
Dragon Storm
Default   #7  
Awen? As in "poetic inspiration"? Yay! *dances a jig down to the horses of Garanhir*
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

��s ofer�ode, �isses sw� m�g.


Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Default   #8   Espy Espy is offline
Hey, welcome to Tris. Nice name.

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trystan830 trystan830 is offline
Queen of Typoes
Default   #9  
hey there Awen!

you're from UF too?
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Default   #10   OPALNYX OPALNYX is offline
Welcome to Trisphee Awen.
Hope that you enjoy your stay .... seems you are.
Wow more UF people.
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Ginger Ginger is offline
Default   #11  
Welcome to Trisphee, Awen! *hug*
☼ ☾ ✰

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Default   #12   Den Den is offline
I’m just really tired, okay?
Welcome to Tris! :)
I use They/Them pronouns.

Originally Posted by Gallagher
i'm not being biased, den just speaks my language
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Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
Default   #13  
Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone!

I am indeed the one and only Awen Moonshine that is a member of Unifaction, Unicreatures, Aywas, GaiaOnine and I was on Kingdom of Knuffel under this name but I no longer have access to that account and am now known as Alith Anar on there ^_^;;

Lawtan you are amazing! No one has ever known that about my name without me having to tell them! It was my coven name many years ago and it kinda stuck ^_^;;
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Default   #14   Kellyara Kellyara is offline
Hi! So I've also joined now. I blame you. :P
Old Posted 10-26-2014, 01:51 AM Reply With Quote  
Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
Default   #15  
Blame me all you like! You know it's a good thing! ^_^
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