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IamTheBatty IamTheBatty is offline
Fresh meat :D
Default Hi Im batty   #1  
who are you
Old Posted 11-11-2018, 08:33 PM Reply With Quote  
Default   #2   Gallagher Gallagher is offline
It Won't Stop
hi im galla

Old Posted 11-11-2018, 08:45 PM Reply With Quote  
DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline
More Magic
Default   #3  
Bonjour! Im a martian

|Place the pennies on my eyes|

|I'll sleep with the stars tonight|
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Default   #4   KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
On in to the future
Two battys???

Erm I mean hi I'm Kat also known as Kitty. xD

Went to grab a coffee, came back with a bag of 67 Cubix Cubes instead.
Old Posted 11-11-2018, 10:26 PM Reply With Quote  
Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
Default   #5  
Lol. But hey, welcome!

I'm Kaderin. Kad for short. Or Kade. Whichever. XD
I mean, I will respond to pretty much any shortening of my username.
taking indefinite hiatus if you need/want to contact me, you can find me on:
Instagram: @mother_of_derpy
Line: KaderinTriste
Discord: Kaderin Triste
Old Posted 11-12-2018, 01:24 AM Reply With Quote  
Default   #6   DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline
More Magic
Originally Posted by KittyBeary View Post
Two battys???
I thought the same thing! What are the odds? Lol

|Place the pennies on my eyes|

|I'll sleep with the stars tonight|
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Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
More More Magic
Default   #7  
Hiya! I'm Barker. Or Stabbs.

I have three bastard kitties.
Old Posted 11-18-2018, 02:41 PM Reply With Quote  

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