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Red face Fairies Beguile Humans   #1  
Into the garden walks a warrior
Down near the hill which is so steep
He seeks the magic oak with chasm so deep
Another world resides in its interior
To see the fairies gate the trunk of a tree;
Nothing but the magical oak is all he can see.
Her skin was like the moonlight fair
That enchanting vision with silvery hair.
They met upon a golden summer night
filled him with rapture and delight
Her magic left him in a daze
She vanished in a silver haze
She haunts him in his every hour
His life held subject to entrancing power
He is thankful for the time they had
but his longing for her drives him mad
She is also sad you see
longing for a life that can not be.
In her land of vast delight
She pines in memory of a golden night.
He walks up to the tree to peep inside
He yearns for those gates to open wide
Her loveliness is like the moonlight In raptures
He closes eyes in memory as her vision he recaptures
And her cheeks prettier than roses in bloom
Will a love so magical so magical end in doom
She can not sing or play and dance.
His laughing brown eyes hold her in trance
She is was so pretty but pines away
Her silver hair is turning gray
Like the emphemeral water-lily,
She withers away nights grow chilly
She longs for his weathered and battle scarred face
His arms of steel and his rapturous embrace.
A thousand years to long too wait.
He pines for her to beyond the gate.
He sighs once more then drifts away
The cold of night replaces warmth of day
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