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Dragon Storm
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That is helpful. I am getting my characters in there...though several need names and/or I need to look back at my writing.
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

��s ofer�ode, �isses sw� m�g.


Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Blue Fish
I have so many OCs, and I do NEED art of em. xD I can join?
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Dragon Storm
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The thread semi-died...but the link Espy gave is useful. :)
...Hmm...could revise this to use Charahub.
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

��s ofer�ode, �isses sw� m�g.


Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Blue Fish
Then I am here to breathe life into it. 8D
I also have a chara hub https://charahub.com/user/ZetsuAi
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Here are my original characters so far:

Zeta: the protagonist. She is an introverted young woman looking to find what happened to her missing father, and goes on adventures with her snail-rabbit pal Wan-Wan. Has black hair.

Wan-Wan: Zeta's companion. Resembles a small gelatin snail with rabbit ears, and can either transform into a humanoid superhero-like figure or manifest inside her body to assist Zeta in combat.

Xi: Zeta's boyfriend. He's one cool guy! Has light blue hair.

Megan: A huntress born from a manmade island, but during a catastrophe she was rescued by a motley crew of heroes while trying her hardest to lead children to safety with her friend Julia. After coming to another country and settling in, she went to high school where she first met Zeta. She then graduated to Jia Academy to improve her scythe and gun-slinging skills. Has blonde hair.

Julia: Megan's best friend. She and Megan usually stick up to each other no matter what, and always stays with her. She specializes in electricity and javelins. Like Megan, Julia still does not know she's actually a genetically modified human created during a military experiment a long time ago that simulates natural and artificial selection. Has dark brown hair.

Red Lightning: The fastest superhero in the world. Probably.

Mr. Mustard: One of Red Lightning's greatest rivals.

Mr. Fast: Red Lightning's OTHER rival.

Corona Cactus: Red Lightning's greatest rival off all time. Probably. She is a sassy individual whose botanomancy enables her to throw cacti, which she is easily known for. While being mischievous, she would try her very hardest to help when serious trouble occurs.

Delta: a tiny smart fellow who travels around in what appears to be a small futuristic airplane. Would engage in meaningful discussions with others and make his students think like every great teacher does. Has a grape-like stem on his head.

Gamma: Delta's best friend. He is a goofy fellow who loves to make people laugh. He also uses his super strength to become a superhero and go around helping others for the greater good! He has no hair, just warts on his head and arms.

I could add more, but I think that's enough...
I'm always a dude, no matter how my avatar looks! :)

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