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Default poseable mannequins?   #1  
Do any of you use some kind of poseable doll or program to help with drawing poses? Or do you just google for pose references and hope for the best?

I'm personally hoping to find a doll/mannequin that's fully poseable to help with drawing poses, so if you have any recommendations that'd be great. The only one I won't accept is those basic wooden ones sold in pretty much all arts and craft stores, they aren't as poseable as I would like ;u;
Price ranges on recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well ;u;
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Default   #2   littl3chocobo littl3chocobo is offline
isn't that funny
sorry, i only use stock resourses XD
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Glitch Glitch is offline
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I tried but I could never use it correctly so I gave up D:

I look at myself and take photos of myself in poses if I need too otherwise I just made my art style more cartoony so it wouldn't matter as bad

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Default   #4   Crowly Crowly is offline
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I remember looking into some a while ago, they're called Body-kun (male) and Body-chan (female). They looked pretty poseble, and the price depends on the site.

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My sister uses what I think is called A9 Ranger? Or A9 Rig Ranger?

It looks like this:

I could take a picture of the pose she has it in right now if you want.

The person's kind of expensive, but it lasts a long time, maybe.

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Default   #6   Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga is offline
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I have one of those roundy posable mannequins, but I never use it for art reference. It doesn't seem all that useful for that.

I usually just look at pictures that are similar to what I'm going for.

Posemaniacs.com is a good resource if you're looking for realistic body posing.
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Demonskid Demonskid is offline
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Default   #7  

I use DesignDoll program. It's really helpful. I got a wooden pose doll thing for xmas and i can't seem to get its hands to cover the ears so i'll just dress it up or something ._.

DesignDoll has the free version which i use. you can alter the doll's body type, shape, size.. and stuff.. the paid version lets you have two or more on screen i think o3o

the latest 2 arts in my Art Bubble should be arts i made using this program =)

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