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So as a random side note. I would like to point out that the value of anyartwork is actually what the artist praises value. Generally if you do not value what you make enough to charge an acquit price then that is somewhat a reflection of you.


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-raises hand- I just don't want people to view me as stuck-up.

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At that point it all becomes about tact. You can figure out a value based on practical means but if you want to make an actual in come you need to be able to see your own self worth and up sale. A lot of people think that artist are these cool introverted people that happened to get discovered. It is not the case. You have to work for your market base. So say for example Espy you were to start making art, you may charge the amount to cover supplies, but then once you factor in the time it took you to make said art work it will go up. Then it becomes all about convincing your audience that, that picture is worth how much you put into it, especially if they liked it.

You don't have to come off ass a tactless ass when talking to people, that is what makes you stuck up. You also do not have to show off your knowledge of art. Artist in the past have had to do that. Especially modern artist to validate it as art. Because any old Jo can do what Jackson Pollock did, or Andy Warhol. Its the thought that made it historical in the art world. But now a days people do not want to be educated pretentiously about artwork. They can think and make their own assumptions. So as long as you are talking to a buyer like a human being I am sure they would not mind. They also probably understand art as a job. And would not buy the piece if they could not afford it. Just don't try and take advantage of some one by putting out bullshit art for 5000 dollars.


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Art is a very viable way to make your income in my hometown, if one is good enough. Different cafes and other places display art that is for sale from, local artists, there are also multiple art galleries open where a person can either buy the art, or small copies of the art pieces. There are also artists that have their own gallery and sell from there. I think the real issue about art is finding a way to sell ones self and have ones art gain popularity. A person also needs to figure out how much his or her art is actually worth. If one can't do that, there are many sites that let the artists reward donators for supporting them with the ability to view additional artwork.
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I’m just really tired, okay?
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A lot of it is the market one is in. The internet has helped expand that market for most who might not have a viable market otherwise.
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i'm not being biased, den just speaks my language
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isn't that funny
there are two problems with that question, the first is in assuming the only art is traditional art. there is as much art made with pixels and code as there are linseed oil and chisels. the other problem is in assuming 'value' has a clear standard and definition

as far as my personal experiences go(and there is nine years of it as of so far and still counting) art is as popular as it ever was and just as likely to offer any one person full-time employment. the last 200 years have been so plentiful for providing jobs to artists that there are more active artists now than in history prior. we are, as odd as it may sound, in a time of artistic prosperity and while there is less call for the old art styles there is no less call for art in general<3

this being said now it is still just as uncertain a life as it always has been and while the physical quantity of art being commissioned is huge compared to just a few generations ago the competition is also swelled beyond what it ever was so the percentages certainly are closer to what you would expect between buyers and sellers X''D art is like a persimmon. each one is, to some degree beautiful and delicious but there are always going to be more fruits than creatures to eat them and eaters can be very picky about picking the ripest and most lovely ones
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