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More More Magic
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Feythfull is the insane mage. Insane because she's been too powerful for too long.

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Default   #18   Passion Pit Passion Pit is offline

She's not at work
She's not at school
She's not in bed

Rousium is the protagonists' evil stepmother who is a lackey for the big bad guy.

She tries to stop the protagonist by whatever means necessary, which often involve magic.
I think I finally broke her
Leaving Forever
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Ginger Ginger is offline
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Passion Pit has a lead female role in a role-playing game. She's the healer of the group and has a bright, flamboyant personality. She loves ice cream and is in love with the main character of the story (But he doesn't know because she's too shy to tell him).

Yeah, I think that about sums her up xD
☼ ☾ ✰

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Default   #20   Espy Espy is offline
Ginger is the antagonist's servant who tries to kill all of the leading protagonists, but then joins the lead character after she's defeated.
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Feythfull Feythfull is offline
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he is definaty the hero type character but he his struggling with the dark side of the force!
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Default   #22   Gozed Gozed is offline
First Evil Ex-Gaian
Espy is an ally of the main character, whom everyone loves more than the main character, cause he/she (sorry, I have no idea of your gender, and can't tell from avi either) is cooler.
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Shenandoah Shenandoah is offline
Crowned Morning Sun
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The super powerful, super evil overlord boss character that is impossible to defeat until the very end.
I am a female. Therefore please use 'she'.

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Default   #24   Ultima Ultima is offline
Lurker of Lurkiness
The evil woman who is the main evil character's girlfriend.
As fabulous and pretty as they are, Ulti's avatars are always male~

Please use "he"/"him" or "they"/"them" pronouns when referring to me please <3

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I love it when people use my Sinopa emotes~ <3
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Jyuudaime Jyuudaime is offline
With my Dying Will.
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Mage-type character. Most powerful during a full moon.

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Default   #26   .rousium .rousium is offline
More More Magic
Jyuu is the super hyper party member who inadvertently makes the adventure more difficult. Because of it tho, they unearth better equipment.

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Shenandoah Shenandoah is offline
Crowned Morning Sun
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Cutesie princess type in disguise to regain her throne... and failing miserably at it due to the fact she still has a haughty attitude.
I am a female. Therefore please use 'she'.

Go Aggies!
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Default   #28   8bit 8bit is offline
Squishy Blob
a touhou character, whose a figher that owns everyone and even kills the boss!
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.rousium .rousium is offline
More More Magic
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Sakura is the strange alien/elven life form whose people need rescuing

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Default   #30   Nicole Nicole is offline
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Sabrehagen Sabrehagen is offline
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The antagonist
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Default   #32   .rousium .rousium is offline
More More Magic
The evil, mad villain who has all sorts of strange demons around him.

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