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Default Questing Event Items I don't Have   #1  
Hello everyone~!

As many of you know, I haven't been that active during the middle years of the site, and I'm missing event items. I would love to obtain at least 1 copy of each item that I don't have. I mainly have only 1 of each item because I have donated all my extra ones throughout the years on this site to help other people.

Here are pictures of my event tab, please take your time to look carefully. I would like to thank you guys for helping me with my quest, and a special shout out to Mdom for helping me out so much throughout the years, with some of the event items. ♥


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Default   #2   bluebird bluebird is offline
Sent some stuff:

dec 14
「art by mdom」
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Heavenly Angel
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Thank you so much, I have updated my post :D
I sent some gifts your way. ♥

Wow, did you literally wrote down all those items.
I'm impressed haha, I'm too lazy.
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Default   #4   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
It's not much, but I sent you the four items from food fight you seem to be missing. bluebird already covered Fairgrounds Frolic, but I might have some additional Icky Sticky Season of Love stuff on my other account.
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The Magic Number
Default   #5  
Alright, that turned out less than I hoped. Could've added the blue antenna and two branches as well, but from the thread title I strongly suspect you're more interested in those items you're still missing than building up a heap of duplicates. For most events I took part in, looks like you've been around as well.
Death's mule librarian. The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.
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Heavenly Angel
Thank you guys so much for the donations :D
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isn't that funny
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what are those chicken items?
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