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I've started seeing commercials for this game and I have no interest already... It just seems so off and too chat full so I just don't care about it. I don't like online games really, I prefer single player stories.
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Is Legen...Wait for it...Dary
I got it last week and started playing with a friend. It is playable solo but just not as fun without having friends to explore the wasteland together. I think that was the whole drive for the game. It mostly reminds me of Fallout4 just add multiplayer xD So I'm pleased with it at least.
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On in to the future
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I mean, it's not that hard to program an uninstall button. Unless you're full of idiot programming ideas. Like I am.

(...I've been thinking about making a god-awful ukagaka that's based on Bendy and the Ink Machine because people ask for free shit for some reason.)
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