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I picked up Astroneer recently and it's a lot of fun.

i complained in another thread about the bug that screwed up my save file. Since then I was trying a singleplayer run and I got lost, and then I died, and then I got lost again and died again so any hopes of finding my rover were basically gone.

I COULD have recovered. There wasn't anything especially rare or irreplaceable on that rover. But it kinda soured my mood on that save file, especially since I was already feeling like I was being kinda wasteful on that run.

So... I'm going to start a new one.

But I don't want to trudge through a grind again... so... me being me, I've been working on a program to help me route an efficient run.

>.>; It takes hours to calculate it, if I ask it to route the whole game. It can do smaller subsets of the game in just a few seconds, but since Astroneer is pretty freeform with no real fixed order you have to do things in it's evaluating a ton of different possibilities to see which one is fastest (instead of just stopping with a route that hits all of the requirements).

I'm looking forward to actually trying this.
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