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On in to the future
Default Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Discussion Thread   #1  
ACPC is rng hell. And we all know that, but I got sucked into the game anyways, and they're having a first-anniversary event. And I don't have all the furniture items, so I'm a little annoyed about it, but they've increased the max amount of furniture storage space to 3 fucking thousand. So that's good, and I read up on the guides, BUT THEY'RE ALL VERY OUTDATED. Like, back when you only had 1,000 storage spaces for furniture.

Also, I finally got Gulliver to give me another fucking villager, so that's absolutely fucking glorious. Gulliver did a single thing right for once.

Cyrus is still bad at cooking, and I refuse to make a lamp cult.

Oh, and apparently 'animal crossing pocket camp' doesn't fit inside a tag's character limit, which is at 25 characters.

We all know the game is RNG Hell.
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What sort of guide are you looking for? A lot of infographic guides get posted and updated in the acpocketcamp subreddit.
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I don't check reddit very much. Mostly because it keeps trying to force me to use their app. I'm just sitting here like. No, let me see the content I'd like to see, and stop putting this fucking huge banner that covers half of the screen.
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On in to the future
I already made a thread for ACPC discussion. ouob

Went to grab a coffee, came back with a bag of 67 Cubix Cubes instead.
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On in to the future
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rip in fuck me.
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animal crossing

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