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Icy Footed
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@ Coda:

Probably. :/ I've come to just accept that the food industry is about quantity over quality, and if it takes disguising quality and marketing what they sell for more profit, that's what they'll do. <x[ I'll probably likely continue to digest food the way I've been doing, and not really avoiding sugars and preservatives as much as I think. <:/ But I'm tryin' to at least get in some food that isn't from like fast food places. I cheated yesterday however. >.>; and had a pizza from Pizza Rev. It was good but, kinda oily. I'm gonna break out from that, but I knew that going in. <x}

btw, I thought it was crazy how crazy people are for NON-GMO stuff, and get "Organic" apples, <x'D when actual non-genetically modified apples are actually way smaller than what everyone assumes the size of an apple is, buhcuz genetically modified apples are the norm. O_O; Same with bananas I think.

Actual shout: <x] Gonna go on an adventure and see if I'm hirable today. <8} I'm scared that I'm a lost cause, even though it's literally impossible...probably.

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Default   #2930   Coda Coda is offline
You're right about bananas. Wild bananas are mostly big inedible seeds with the thinnest layer of edible pulp between them. Bananas are actually another reason why genetic research is important; bananas are a monoculture -- all bananas you buy at the store are genetically identical, clones of each other. If you've ever noticed that banana candy doesn't taste like bananas, that's because they taste like the OLD kind of banana that has gone extinct because of a fungal infection, and the new kind of banana that farmers started growing afterward is less sweet (and no less at risk of an extinction-causing disease).

Good luck in the job hunt!
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Anyone want to go to the store for me so I can stay home and craft instead of going out into the wind?
Kad's Crafts

1. Plushie Sheep
2. "Unicorn barf" 30' scarf.
3. Plushie Snake
4. Meadowbrook Shawl
5. Loom Knit Granny Square(s)
6. Crocheted Washcloth
7. Needle Knit Scarf - 2% done
8. Crocheted Ball
9. Entrelac Shawl
10. Rainbow Barfing Cat
11. Scrap Yarn Puke Cat
12. Pokemon something
13. Merdragon baby
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Default   #2932   Biomecha Biomecha is online now
I need a pro to critique my rowing form. I feel that it at least is better than it used to be, but it could still use improvement I'm sure. It can also be a challenge to remain consistent.
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