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Default Temtem Discussion Thread   #1  
So, apparently Temtem released a few days ago. This is a discussion thread for that game, go stupid go crazy.

Generally speaking, it's nice that Pokemon has a competitor on the damn computer now.
percival was here with his stupid shit again.
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Default   #2   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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:/ I was wondering about this game. Is it any good?

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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What is this "Temtem"?
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Default   #4   Voidbarker Voidbarker is online now
basically: pc pokemon mmo.

though, in all seriousness, it's in early access, and it's going for roughly 30£. with the price expected to be raised.

which, i don't particularly mind, but i'm going to wait until it comes out of early access so that i have access to the full game.
percival was here with his stupid shit again.
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percival was here!, pokemon, temtem

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