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Onyx Popcorn Onyx Popcorn is offline
Fresh meat :D
Default Greetings to you!   #1  
Hallo, Trisphee! I'm an avatar forum site (filthy casual) enthusiast and have been expanding my horizons lately. If you can find an Onyx Popcorn somewhere, it's probably me. My favorite sites seem to be going downhill or are in a slow phase, so here I am expanding yet again. :3

I do go in my own slow phases for internet use, so don't be too horribly surprised if I don't check in for a few months and then WOO, here I am again.

I'm a huge stereotypical nerd, complete with blackframe glasses. I like any form of videogame I've ever gotten my hands on, from the Atari in my grandparents' basement to whatever endless runner Sega just dropped on the Play store. (I don't have later consoles or a gaming computer, though, because I am in a service position and paid peanuts, but without the edible part. ) There are, of course, duds, but heck on dwelling on those. I'm far more picky about my comics, but that's mostly down to personal taste. I have yet to watch an anime that I don't find at least amusing or morbidly fascinating.

I'm from the States, my favorite food is tacos, I'm very religious but tend to not talk religion publicly since I go into trashcan mode pretty quickly and no one needs that, and politics suck vacuum cleaner dust bags so I don't talk those either.
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Default   #2   Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga is offline
Forward Thinker
Welcome, Popcorn! :D Glad to have you.

It's always a shame to see sites going downhill. Hopefully they don't shut down completely, though.

I'm sure you're in good company here with nerd stuff. :D I know I play games possibly too often. Lately been playing mostly Sky, ffxiv, and Hades myself.
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Onyx Popcorn Onyx Popcorn is offline
Fresh meat :D
Default   #3  
Thanks, Toho! I presume that's your nickname from your art?

Yeah, it's a heavy bummer. It is what it is, unfortunately.

I've been enjoying watching letsplays of more recent stuff lately. lol I've been sticking to free phone games and got back into Farmville 2(the android version) of all things.
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Default   #4   Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga is offline
Forward Thinker
You are correct. :D Toho is the best way to shorten my name.

Ah, that's cool. Free is always a plus, although I feel like a lot of those free games are trying really hard to get you to pay way too much money in them. Gatcha games and all that. Still, if people enjoy it (and aren't getting exploited by it), then it's all good, I think.

I end up watching Markiplier and Jacksepticeye semi-frequently, although mostly because my SO watches them. I do like their not-let's play videos enough to seek them out, though.
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KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
More More More Magic
Default   #5  
Heya and welcome!! ^^ If you have any questions let us know!! <3

Free phone games(and Steam games) are always great!! Lately I've been playing Genshin Impact on my PS4 myself. >w>

Goodbye, my sweet Kisser. I miss you everyday.
ty bluebird for the art
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Default   #6   Stabbsworth Stabbsworth is offline
Alien Cow
if you're looking for a karting game that has horrible amounts of lag, is the subject of several funny moments compilations and has bumpcode that zips you right to last place as well as being a fangame, try SRB2kart.

also, hi, i'm stabbs, and we have infinite layers. i still haven't crashed my browser!
percival is busy being queer as hell. he was also here.
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Gwendolyn Macrae Gwendolyn Macrae is offline
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I know lots of people that enjoy tacos!
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