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8Nephila8 8Nephila8 is offline
Default   #3073  
Random question guys...

What's the post goal to have it NOT say lazy by my name tittle?
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Default   #3074   Jester Jester is offline
Addicted to Trisphee
~ trystan830 Oh wow, 4 must've been nice but also a lot. Oh wow. That's crazy how you suddenly had so many. Must be nice.

I've had a cat, well she was my mom's cat. Then my dad got me a cat and my mother got my bro and I both a cat. Then we got another cat on my dad's side and after the cats on my mother's we're gone we got another. Only really had a couple at a time at max.

8Nephila8 Yeah I feel you on that. It's definitely way better than just keeping it to myself. True true. It's nice being able to chat with people about things.~
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Stabbsworth Stabbsworth is offline
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i've no idea on the post count needed to get out of the Lazy title thing but you should be able to request a title change somewhere.
percival is busy being queer as hell. he was also here.
somewhat busy working for trisphee.

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Default   #3076   Dalhanahue Dalhanahue is offline
Barrel of Monkeys
Aww, so many sweet babehs! Do any of them let you cuddle and snuggle and love on them?

Growing up we often had several outside cats, growing up in the country, but only two inside kitties. One was super lovey and the other had strong cattitude but would be lovey on occasion.

I do sometimes miss having a cat but the hubs and step daughter are allergic and I'm pretty sure our doggos would eat them.

Jester, eeks. That's not good. Have you had issues with milk before or just a random weird thing?

Absolutely, that's what we're here for! Making friends and listening to and venting to one another: talking about little things, big things, and everything in between.

Especially growing up for me, sites like these really helped me get through a lot. That's where my love of avy sites comes from. You can chat if you want or need or play some games if you don't feel like talking or express yourself with your avy. All such good stuff. I've also gained a small handful of friends I'd never have if it weren't for chatting it up with 'strangers' online lol.
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Jester Jester is offline
Addicted to Trisphee
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~Dalhanahue Only other problem I can think of is just literally maybe III times before my stomach getting upset over drinking milk a couple days before expiration. Other than that I've been able to drink it fine, was able to do it a lot. Usually did drink it and mixed it with pop sometimes for a vanillay flavor. Mixing pops was the only kind of cooking I could do anymore since roommate did something with the cooking utensils. Can still boil water in the microwave but it's just not the same.~
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Default   #3078   8Nephila8 8Nephila8 is offline
Originally Posted by Stabbsworth View Post
i've no idea on the post count needed to get out of the Lazy title thing but you should be able to request a title change somewhere.
That would be good. It's like the enemy of me posting right now because I don't want to look at it. lol.

I hope around 500. I'll look around the forums to see if I can find a thread for it. Or I might just ask in the help section.

Edit: found the thread, now I gotta think what I want in there...
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trystan830 trystan830 is offline
Queen of Typoes
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*Jester - it's hubby's fault (his instagram is crazycatdude1017!). he wanted a little lion (floofy orange) so we have a little lioness now. and then we fostered Nick and his brother totally said "nope," so i blame hubby for #s8, 9, and 10. i blame me for #11 though. XD

*Dalhanahue - yep! the orange dude, Arthur, loves to head-butt hubby at bedtime, Nicholas runs into the bathroom with hubby for snuggles, Angel demands snuggles from hubby. sometimes Blackie will sit on hubby's lap. but the huge snuggle-bug is Aemon, he's sleeping on the couch with hubby as i type this, and he'll sleep on the couch when hubby naps on the couch, and at nighttime and early morning, he'll snuggle on the bed with me. :D

the others are proximity cats. Ash will occasionally be on hubby's lap. when Blackie is on hubby's lap, Luna wants pets, and sometimes Harvey will too. Luna Pet Time is when she says so, otherwise she'll back off. Molly will allow pets and loves to be brushed. Oreo loves to head-butt me for pets, but doesn't do laps.

Rocky doesn't like pets, but we can sneak in pets on him when he's eating.

*Nephila - I'm glad i found the thread, it's where i got my "Queen of Typoes" title from! :D

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