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witchy gay
Cool Dirky's Art Giveaway [Open]   #1  
Howdy! I am doing some freebies in artsy things to try and get A) myself drawing more things and B) some items to put for more recent examples for future commissions.

I just got a new computer so I only have like....2 examples for now? I will add more as I make some. Whether it's before I start getting requests or not is yet to be discovered.

I will do:

I will not do:

Current examples I have:


Open Slots:

I will only be taking 3 requests at a time so I don't get too stressed over art and work.

Anndd I believe that's about it! Sorry for the lack of examples, I don't have much that's super recent due to laptop situation. If I have anything to add though I shall <3
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Pixel Gremlin
Richard please.
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witchy gay
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Originally Posted by Insomniak View Post
Richard please.
how do you know that's not already in progress?
(hint: it is owo)
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Pixel Gremlin
Yay. uwu
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if your still doing these can I get a free art of v for vendetta after the movie? a bust is great! thanks.
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How's it going ? :"D
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