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More Magic
Default CONTEST: Win my entire inventory!   #1  
2020 EDIT: I believed this would get a better response. After 6 years without reaching the required number of entries, the contest is cancelled. I'll find a different way to give back. <3

Original post:
Hello darlings! I have a gift to share with one tremendous artist: ALL of my pixelated belongings! (;


Submit one self-portrait of your true self! NOT YOUR AVATAR!

I will select a winner once there are seventeen submitted works. Only well-developed detailed works count as entries. (Basically, you can't simply thoughtlessly scribble something out.) Non-digital artwork is accepted and embraced!

How will the contest be judged?
Subjectively, to be honest. HOWEVER
You're more likely to win if you:
-emphasize your passions, hobbies, and personality
-express a particular mood or overarching thought
-take time and create with love!

You do not need to include a reference image if it makes you uncomfortable, but it could be cool to see how well you've captured the essence of your being. Feel free to include two or three lines explaining the piece. You're also welcome to comment on other artists work and offer feedback.

First post on page:
7: Light Tech Horns
13: Dark Tech Horns
111: Surprise!
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Default   #2   Espy Espy is offline
Uuuuuaaaaauuuugh. Sooo tempting. I'll have to think about this one.

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Dragon Storm
Default   #3  
If I did, it would be my first attempt at pixels...hmm....
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

��s ofer�ode, �isses sw� m�g.


Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Default   #4   Kilala Mikal Kilala Mikal is offline
On in to the future
Can it be non-digital? I'm not much for pixeling. ._.
World's worst for poofing during a conversation. Sorry.
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More Magic
Default   #5  
Yes! It absolutely can be non-digital. I embrace media exploration! Please make sure that you take a high-quality photo for the final entry. I can't judge based on what it would be "if i was there irl". haha
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Default   #6   clealuira clealuira is offline
I won't be entering your contest because my art skills are crap, but I am supposed to post in these forums for my achievements. So I just want to say your avi is so mega cool and nice of you to be running this contest anyways.
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Lawtan Lawtan is offline
Dragon Storm
Default   #7  
I...completely forgot about this. O.O
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

��s ofer�ode, �isses sw� m�g.


Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Default   #8   Pear Pear is offline
More Magic
Aw, thanks Clea. Any attempt is a good attempt! Thanks for stopping in.

Lawtan- Yeah man, people don't seem to be biting. I check back every few months, but apparently the reward is not worth the effort. Should I post a shot of my inventory? I honestly just want these items back in circulation.
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Espy Espy is offline
Default   #9  
That might be a good idea.

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Default   #10   Illusion Illusion is offline
The Illusionist
Did you say... Seeeeeelllff pooorrrtraaaiit!?

My portrait:
Made through Illustrator I wanted to express myself sitting and modeling for the viewer, my face is plain, and you won't begin to see texture until you look below, my pants and boots are all textured, but my face is not, I'm directing you away from my identity. I want you to look past me and see what's behind me, I like to mold things out of black and white, I wanted to emphasize my passion for digital arts, so if you look at the splatter paint you will see a T for my name.

Explaining myself through poem! (Grab some popcorn, and prepare to snap your fingers!)

"I'm a storm of bubbles,
a cut of a hydra's head.
My ego is a dog off it's leash,
running happily like a river downstream.
I overreact like a teenage drama queen,
in hopes to feel true joy.
Drugs and narcotics don't hook me down,
but my mind drags me around.
Big moments feel small to me,
I try, and try. But I won't succeed.
People ask never to change,
and I couldn't agree more.
I'm Tyler,
an illusion no less,
because inside, I feel much less.
And overall, I hope I win this contest."

Oh! While I'm at it, here's a song that expresses the mood of my poem:

Lil' Illu
My #1 Fan For Life!!!
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Pear Pear is offline
More Magic
Default   #11  
Originally Posted by Illusion View Post
Thanks much for participating! I'm sorry I never saw this and ended up cancelling the contest because of a lack of response. I love your art and appreciate the contribution
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