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Default Looking for the oc arts.   #1  
So, I have been desperately in search of someone to draw aki.. I have no current actual art of her, and she is begging me to get her drawn. I tried my best attempts to recreate her in Trisphee to my best abilities and my current avatar is her, Although i do have other references from other sites if needed.

Pose- If at all possible i would like her to be holding either an umbrella or reading a book.

Her hair is white with a red trim, and red pony tail on the side just as it is in the avatar.

As I am desperate i am willing to pay 30k au. for this art.

Please show me your style of art before applying, Not that i am particularly picky because im not, but i do have a certain vision of her id like to see in a certain style ^^ Again not to picky so dont be nervous to show me :) Thanks!

Im excited to see if i get offers!

Post noa

Also if you need any other info feel free to ask ^^
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