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Default Detail or not to Detail   #1  
So, I've been wondering this for a while.

I have noticed a lot cartoons anymore tend to have a simplified drawing style compared to some of the older animations. I know some still have a lot of details, kids I know tend to watch more of less detailed stuff.

Been taking art classes for a while now and my painting, drawing instructor keeps promoting less detail.
They keep bringing up WW2, when people who didn't have realistic art were killed and many had to flee otherwise they would of been.
So they keep promoting less detail and abstract to be better.

My ceramics and other 3d art teacher promotes, as much detail as possible to be better.
A piece needs to be able to stand on it's own.

I'm inclined to agree with the ceramics teacher.

I know less detail helps with getting animations done faster.
I had an animation class at one point. I just wonder if it's really worth it to get it done faster vs the quality.
Stories are out sooner and so fans don't have to wait as long to get the next story,etc.

I was curious what types of art people "here" tend to like better?

I know it does depend on the person.
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I tend to go for color and consistency over both. Mixing very simple animation with hyper-realistic stuff (Chowder, Ren & Stimpy, Flapjack) are visually revolting to me.

On the other hand, early CGI and 3D games (terrible graphics) have an appeal because they match their environment. Though it may be I liked the mechanics and story better.

Exception being ones like Courage the Cowardly Dog - though the surreal CGI in a cartoon scared many, it was a "simple CGI in a simple cartoon" thing.

After a point, detail does lose it for me - largely due to my terrible eyesight (bad visual depth personally). On the other hand, I mentally pay attention to the quality of the detail I see. I hope that makes sense.
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When it comes to animation, it's not just time, it's the price. More detail means more money, sometimes a lot more money.

I'd say level of detail, or what gets detailed, depends on the individual project at the time, especially if you are talking about several different types of art.
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If you're talking about north american cartoons (cartoon network and nickelodeon), you have to keep in mind that their target audience is young children, so detail isn't especially important, as long as it's flashy and can keep a kid's attention. If the target audience includes adults, detail is better appreciated, which is why disney has to constantly try to outdo itself, since adults are the ones taking their kids to see the movies and reviewing them.

Personally, I prefer to look at the whole piece (in any medium) and decide whether I like it or not. Even if it isn't very detailed, or just looks downright lazy, if the subject itself is interesting I can still appreciate it.

For example - I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe. The art style is simplistic, but the animation makes it a downright gorgeous piece of work at times (not to mention how great the story and characters are).
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